Introduction To Citizens Of Planet Earth

Project Citizens of Planet Earth, or 'C.O.P.E.' as I'd like to call it, Started back
in the summers of 1992-94 while completing my philosophy degree.  Having
had the opportunity to travel to many countries, the idea of 'global citizenship'
was starting to grow on me and within me.  I'd seen the similarities between
many people that had different cultures, religions, and political backgrounds.  
All of a sudden, I became inspired by this sense of unity that brings all of us

Having begun painting and drawing at a young age, I felt that I needed more
art work to express what I was feeling.  So I picked up the brush, and any
other medium I could get my hands on, and I started expressing myself!  I was
also able to briefly attend the famous Art Center College of Design in
Pasadena, CA, which helped improve my art work.

Also, I spent some time between 1991 and 1993 playing guitar in a professional
band.  I met many people during this time and I expanded my creative self to a
very high degree.  Again, I felt that I needed to express this new global reality
in musical form, so I picked up the guitar and started writing songs.

I also began educating myself by reading many books and attending various
colleges and universities.  I studied philosophy, science, engineering, and the
Humanities.  I realized that all of the educational disciplines are connected
together, and they all strive to improve our lives and bring us balance and

Since the inception of COPE in 1992, my life has continued to develop in
positive ways.  Here is a quick recap of my Educational life:

[1] 1991: Associate of Science Degree in Medical Assisting
[2] 1994: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy/political science
[3] 1998: Bachelor of science Degree in Electronics Engineering
[4] 2003: Masters of Arts Degree in Humanities

During all of these years, I spent My Time not just working, partying and
Traveling, but also writing, painting, and playing music.  

And now, 15 years later, project COPE is Finally Born.  It is Here, and it is here
to Stay.

Project COPE has three main sections: The Book, The Music, and the Art Work,
plus it also has other interesting Hidden Sections.  I will let you discover them
on your own!

We Have Two Logos.  This first one is in the shape of a building that has a
pyramid on top pointing to the Heavens and Stars, a symbol of our success as
the Human Race.  Inside the building you should see four letters: C O P E,
which stands for you and me - Citizens Of Planet Earth.

Our Second Logo is a circle that contains a Tree with a person
superimposed on that tree.  You can see the hands and feet
extended.  The center diamond is the Seed, which symbolizes our
vision of our lives.  The seed grows inside of us and becomes like
this giant tree.  The fruits of this Tree (drawn as the two small
circles) is our accomplishments that we enjoy and share with
others.  On top of the Tree is a Star, which symbolizes our
ambitions and Dreams.  Be like this Tree, and let Your Seeds of
Goodness and Happiness grow into a Giant Tree so it can Help,
Shelter, and Feed Others.


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