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This drawing depicts
our nightmares, full of
monsters, darkness,
and dead objects
(notice the sunken
man on the right, you
can only see his leg!).  
Nightmares are
complex and can be
caused by many things
such as excessive
food, stress, and
trauma, and they can
also be a Warning of
future Doom.  

Analyze your
nightmares, but don't
take them too
seriously.  Don't let
them control your life,
for they are just
dreams.  Remember
that you live in the
Real World.

This man is crying from both eyes, but
each tear is different.  From his right eye
flows a tear of Joy, but from his left eye, a
tear of sadness.  

Life brings us many moments of Joy, but
also inflicts on us days of sadness.  We
accept the good right away, but how come
we can't accept the bad?

We need to develop wisdom in how we
handle life's situations.  We shouldn't be
shocked when bad situations come.  We
should be patient, learn through them,
and move on to better things.

A tear of Joy and a tear of Sadness, that is
the cycle of our Lives!

[68] Saint Charbil

Saint Charbil has brought peace and
wisdom to the region of Lebanon.  He
continues to inspire people all over the
world to serve God and Love the World.

The Cedars are the Main Trees of
Lebanon.  They have been used for
thousands of years for medicine, building
ships and temples, and for mummification.  
The Cedar of Lebanon is very famous and
is mentioned 75 times in the Bible.

Ezekiel 31: 3 says, "Behold, I will liken you
to a cedar in Lebanon, with fair branches
and forest shade."  

psalm 92:12 declares, "The righteous
flourish like the palm tree and grow like
the cedar in Lebanon."

Notice the Golden city at a distance in the
right.  It is the City of God, with a beautiful
River running through.

The Saint has come to teach us about the
beauty of the Universe and the
Sacredness of  Life.  Let's Learn from Him.

The still life objects
in front of us are
symbols of another
world that is
futuristic.  It is soft
and light, happy and

The world of matter
is very heavy and
thick.  It weighs us
down with many
burdens.  If we learn
how see through
matter and into the
future, then
everything becomes
light and soft, Happy
and Joyful.


The drawing is made up of horizontal and
vertical lines.  It is beautiful and clear,
but it reminds us of something - we need
circular lines!

Sometimes in life we get used to doing
things only one way.  We think narrow
thoughts.  We need to change our
routine and habits, and convince
ourselves that circular lines can bring a
fresh new way of thinking and living.  It
might not be easy sometimes, but are
you willing to take that Chance?