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We arrive
mysteriously into
this world in an
embryo, then we
grow up in a home,
have a family, and
finally actualize
ourselves.  In the
end, we reflect on
life and then die.  We
wake up in the other
life and begin our
journey until we
arrive at the shores
of eternity.  We
never die, only
[63] QUAD 2

On the top left, that is
what happens to
people when they
watch too much TV;
they live inside of it.  
Next to it is an eye
witnessing a murder.  
A person is stabbing
someone else.  
Notice the Tear that
has a bottle of blood.  
On the bottom left, it
is vacation time all
over again.  On the
bottom right, we see
Jesus Christ, the
symbol of everlasting
life.  The words 'The
Cup of Immortality is
written in four
languages: English,
Arabic, Greek, &
Egyptian Hieroglyph.

[64] QUAD 3

On the top left, there
is an earthquake in
Golden California.  On
the right side, it is the
person who
sacrifices and burns
himself so others
might see the light.  
On the bottom left,
each object has a
differently pointing
shadow - a sign of
discord and
disagreement.  On
the bottom right, we
see a ship with a
cactus sail, we see a
moon sailing in the
sky.  It is all just a
Desert illusion!

[65] QUAD 4

On the top left, it is
the see of Infinity.  
Right next to it, it is
the Queen Mary.
Notice the crystal
mountains and city.  
On the bottom left it
is mother earth,
father heaven both
taking care of the
universe.  On the
bottom right, it is an
eye that see many

[62] QUAD 1

In this quad we see a beautiful fantasy
place on the top left.  Next to it, we see
the Famous Philosopher Kalil Gibran.  
On the bottom right, we see two Giant
trees, father and mother, living in nature
happy and free.  On the bottom left, we
see a Huge maze which is the endless
cycle of the universe.  The universe
begins right at the center and then it
unfolds into all matter and living things.  
Notice an eye on each corner.