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As the soul rises from
its death, it finds itself
in a strange world.  
Notice the vertical and
horizontal eyes, they
watch Everything.  The
city of the dead is on
the right side, waiting
to receive the Soul.  
There is a gap between
the city of the dead
and the outskirts of the
Earth.  The Tree on the
left symbolizes the
Earth.  The Sphere at
the distance is our
thoughts and feelings,
spilling everywhere.  
This world can
sometimes be very


This bear is very
interesting.  He was
drawn out of curiosity,
be he has had an
impact on my life.  I
have seen him in my
dreams attacking me,
be he could never
win.  I have seen him
on my desktop

Sometimes, we are all
drawn to a certain
animal that keeps
appearing in our lives
at certain situations.  
It could be a cat, a
dog, an eagle, etc.

Do you know your
Special animal?  If you
don't, you will soon
encounter him.


The fig tree is known
to produce good fruit,
good shade, and good
roots for gofers.  We
play and hide in the
shadow of this
magnificent tree.  

In the same manner,
we have places in life
that we like to Hide.  It
could be the
bedroom, the game
room, a library, a bar,
school, etc.

Places, though, are
not the only things we
hide in.  Sometimes,
we like to Hide in a
person who we look
up to.  It could be a
parent, a religious
figure, a musician, etc.

Hiding provides
comfort and peace,
and we do it all the


The Shadow Canyon is
a place of many
stories and fables.  
People have gone to
visit never to return!  
Some have gone
through it to the other
side and couldn't find
it.  Some even came
back with more
knowledge than

This Shadow Canyon
represents our
Subconscious, it is there
but we never really
aware of it.  Scientists
and psychologists are
still trying to understand
and unlock this mystery.  
It is a fascinating place
to visit!


In the midst of the
ancient ruins of
Baalbek in Lebanon,
we behold modern
ruins.  People sitting
down and being idle,
doing Nothing with
their lives.  We see all
the dirty construction
around the ruins.  And
we also see an
airplane spreading
pollution in our Air.  
We need to take care
of our Planet, one
community at a Time.