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He is a Rebel who sang and dance to his
own drum beat.  Look at his face, full of
agony, depression, and loneliness.  Still,
he was happy with his condition, because
he was Himself.  We don't have to go to so
much extremes in life to be Happy, but we
do have to be ourselves.


This beautiful woman has two things going
for her.  On the right side of her face, you
can see suffering and depression, but on
the right side, you can see Confidence and
patience.  This is what makes this woman
strong.  She has a very Confident Smile.  
She learned how to use her suffering and
turn it into victory.  Have you done the
same lately?


One thing distinguished in Christianity is
its emphasis on Total Sacrifice.  Where did
Christianity get that from?  In this painting,
we see Jesus Sacrificing his Blood for us
because of his Great Love.  

Sacrifice is never easy or beautiful.  Many
times, it is very hard and painful.  But it is
necessary in Life, especially for those who
want great success and enlightenment.  

A situation will come someday where you
have to make a decision.  Do you want to
sacrifice or not?


We always get so busy in life that we don't
take the time to appreciate the simple
things.  Sure, you've heard this before, but
have you acted on it?  Most people don't
because they think they are way too smart
to listen to any body.

Look at this very beautiful Rose.  It is
simple and powerful.  Look at the Blue
cloud.  It is just standing there, enjoying

You need to forget all of the complexity of
life and start enjoying the simple things.  
Do it ... NOW!

Everything in this
painting is made up
of dots.  This
includes the
mountains, boats,
sun, clouds, Cross,
and even that blue
city in the middle
right.  Our lives are
made up of small
parts, just like the
dots in this
painting.  We need
to always keep the
dots connected in
order for life to
function correctly
and flow.  It is that