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Here we behold two
people who are very
different from each
other.  And yet, they
fell in love.  Love is
very mysterious, and
it draws us on many
different levels.  And
although love brings
a fusion of two souls,
we stay separate in
our own identity.  
Love is a good thing.


Here we see the
name of JESUS
written with African
themes and colors.  
We see hundreds of
small symbols and
icons.  It is always
interesting to take
something common
and then put an
exotic touch to it.


This sketch takes us
deep into the valley
of life and all its
mysteries.  Some
people wish to live
in one dimension,
while others are
eager to explore
everything else.  In
the middle, we see
the light of Truth.  
We see lips, eye,
world, cross, and
words such as 'God'
and 'Master'.  It is in
the Collective power
of life, that we arrive
to our Destiny.  Don't
be Afraid to Explore
the World.

In the Jungle, it is hard to see and
breath.  Everything is congested and
dark.  Reality shifts and we loose our
away.  Still, the Sun shines so bright
that it begins to illuminate the
Jungle.  In the same manner, when
our lives become too congested and
dark, we need to seek the Divine
Light to show us the way, and bring
warmth and guidance to our lives.

This rich man has a
beautiful courtyard.  
He has a lot of Land
and a lot of
buildings.  However,
his house is Empty
because there is no
Love in it.  He keeps
thinking more and
more about Money
and less and less
about People.  
Notice the three
birds above, they
are watching
everyone.  Love is
better than Money!