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This bird is very agile
and sharp.  He can fly
very quickly, avoiding
danger, and getting to
a safe place.  He finds
food really quick, then
eats it right away!  He
is the over achiever
bird!  He is always
watching for good

In the same manner,
we can be like PUKI,
having a sharp mind
and quick reflexes
that help us avoid
danger, and achieve
success in Life.


These two little birds
are beautiful, and they
stand in opposition
not because they hate
each other, but
because they
compliment one
another.  The
foreground and
background colors in
this painting are

In life, we can't
always agree with
everyone.  We need
to be different and
yet compliment other
people.  This is not
easy, it can be very
hard.  But if these
cute birds can do it,
so can we!


These exotic birds
remind us that life is
full of adventure and
meaning.  Birds are
heavenly creatures
that bring Heaven
down to us with their
cute chirps and
beautiful colors.  
They are also very
refined, tender, and
thoughtful.  If you've
never held a Bird in
your hand, you
should try it.  You will
feel their good
energy go right
through you!


Believe it or not,
birds need company
just as much as
humans do.  Birds
become very lonely
when they are by
themselves.  They
need the comfort of
other birds.

In the same manner, we
were not meant to be
alone.  We need to
reconnect with our
families, friends, and
co-workers - Yes!

You can be around
people and still be
disconnected.  That
is not right.  The
message we learn
from this bird is this:
Love, connect, and
be Friendly with the