Radiating Love, Peace, Balance
and Harmony, the IMAGE of the
Virgin Mary in Mexico appeared
miraculously on a cloth and
helped change an entire nation
and turn them to God.  Was it
drawn by God, or was it drawn by a
person through the inspiration of
God.  No one really knows.  But it
is amazing how the picture has not
deteriorated after 400 years, and it
continues speaking to everyone
who visit the shrine.

If you look closely to this painting,
it will speak to you in its own
unique way.  Look at the face, the
hands, the lights, the cross, the
Look inside the eyes, and take
your time and meditate on this
painting;  it will speak to you, give
you peace, insight, and a little
touch of the divine!


This bird looks a lone, by himself,
no one around !  But if you look
closer, this beautiful bird has
food, has health, and has a cup
with interesting decorations.

Sometimes we all feel alone and
neglected; but if we look around,
we will see that we have other
resources that make us happy,
and then we start counting our
blessings and realizing that there
is a Super Power that takes care
of us and watches over us.  Look
closely at this bird, and you will
see that he is a little sneaky
smile!  You should re-evalute your
Life and you see a deeper positive


Standing still, these pigeons
understand their environment:
the sun, the trees, the fresh air,
and the seeds to Survive.

You need to take time and stop
all of your busy activities and
Stand Still, and examine your
surroundings, and understand
that you have the Tools for
Survival.  Enjoy !


Life brings us many challenges
and problems.  Sometimes, we
don't have a choice, things just
happen to us !

Where do we go from here ?  What
can we do ?  HOPE IS ALIVE ...
these words should inspire us to
look at the big picture of Life, and
as we reflect from viewing the big
picture back into our tiny lives, we
realize that we have Many
Blessings and that there is a WAY
for Future Progress and
Development.  We are not alone in
this Universe, even though our
circumstances force us to believe
that !  We are not alone, because
we have HOPE ALIVE in Our Hearts
and Minds ... Fused within our
Being, this HOPE will guide us to a
better Future.  Believe it !!

[105] LUCKY

Sometimes life gives you a New
beginning when you don't expect
it and when you don't want it.

The eyes of the Universe are
multi-layered with meaning,
purpose, chaos, and insanity; and
our lives are interwined with all
these energies and changes.

Consider yourself Lucky when life
gives you these new changes,
even if you  don't like them !  

This Sun Conure Bird brings
change, and with it new Energy,
new Hope, and new meanings to
the various circles of existence.  

The colors of the bird says it all;
and he is standing on the branch
of destiny, which sits on the eyes
of all knowing God, and the bird is
surrounded by weired and exotic
changes that are not understood
yet, but that will still lead to a
Great Future !  Have you accepted
your Destiny?  Do you consider
yourself Lucky Today?