The wintertime can be cruel and
unforgiving.  Nature becomes very hard
and cold, and those elements seep into
our mind and body.  We should allow this
rough time to build patience and
character, not depression and
loneliness.  Cold times can bring
feelings of despair, abandonment, and
insecurity.  However, we need to realize
that winter is temporary, because spring
and summer are just around the corner.  


Life is a Process that is Organic,
Dynamic, and moves in an Ideal pattern.
What you see is a Tree with a person
superimposed on that tree.  You behold
the hands and feet
extended as if embracing the Universe.  
The center diamond is the Seed, which
symbolizes The vision of our lives.  The
seed grows inside of us and becomes
a giant tree.  The fruits of this Tree are
our accomplishments that we enjoy and
share with others.  On top of the Tree is
a Star, signifying ambitions and
Dreams.  Be like this Tree, and let Your
Seeds of
goodness and Happiness grow into a
Giant Tree so it can Help, Shelter, and
Feed The World.  May You Live Long,
Stay Strong, and Reach Your Farthest
[[[97] THE MASK

Notice the Brick
and bottle, notice
the Cactus and
Broken Vessel.  
Notice the faint
shadow of the other
plant on the
backdrop Towel.  
But what do you
really see?


Have you ever
wondered what life
would look like on
other planets and
worlds?  Their sun,
beach and water
might look
something like this...
exotic, mysterious,
and Different.  Some
might welcome this
as a wonderful
change, but others
might see it too
weird or even
abnormal.  How do
you feel about
visiting other
worlds?  What about
this painting?  Do
you reject it or
accept it?
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Nature, family, birds ...
the Entire Universe is
Connected to Each other,
but many times we don't
realize this Truth.  We are
blind, living in
technology, fast paced
living, and away from the
True Beauty of this
world.  In this painting,
we see a grandmother,
grand daughter, and
grandfather.  The Blue
Jay is the Grandfather,
who watches over the
other birds.  The cute
sparrows are perched
and they each face one
another.  Family members
have to always be
connected, sharing their
energy and Love, and
birds are such Cute
Singing Creatures !