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We all have a village
we like to visit.  This
village is here to
increase the people's
knowledge.  Each
tower holds
thousands of volumes
on many subjects.  
Notice the two people
walking in the
distance.  They are
sharing their ideas
with each other.  
Notice the tower at
the end of the road.  
Do you  know what it
is?  It is a secret
place that holds
secret knowledge!  
Have you been to
your Village?


This waterfall evokes images of
wonder.  The word 'AFRICA' comes
to mind, full of Beauty and Mystery.

This painting was done in the color
blue only.  You can almost hear the
majestic waterfall and smell the
refreshing mist.  The River coming
from the Waterfall seems to almost
want to jump out of the Page!

As the sun sets, it
creates a long and
extended red Cross.  
Nature is sometimes
amazing, for we see
many images that we
don't expect!  Have
you seen the face on
Mars?  Look it up.  
Images come to us all
the time through
nature.  It could be a
cloud, a light ray, a
mountain, or even a
shadow.  All of
Sudden 'there it is"!  
You see something
familiar and you
wonder how nature
created it!


The whale
majestically rises on
the ocean of dreams
and beckons us to
follow him to the
unseen world.  

The waters are filled
with colorful
creatures, exotic
plants and maybe
even mermaids!  
Beauty in Nature
transports us from
the world of work and
reality, to the world of
fun and fantasy.  
Where is your
whale?  Go find him
and follow Him!


The sun is dark red,
the waters are green,
and the reflection is
unknown to us.  One
dark mountain stands
at the left.  What is
going on?  Deception
can sometimes be
disguised.  It comes
to us in many shapes
and colors trying to
trick us and make us

Don't be fooled by
the disguises of
people and things.  
Stay true to your self
and you will be able
to see right through
their deception!


The day has been
very hot.  It is actually
so hot that the waters
have turned yellow!  
The bushes in the
back are scorched
from the Heat.  The
green trees on the
right are the only
place for shade and
safety.  Summer can
take on many colors
and views.  This
painting captures the
essence of Summer.