In a dream, I saw a man jumping in
the air.  I heard a voice saying that
it takes a Leap of Faith to get into
God’s presence and Blessings.  It
is not easy for any of us to jump in
the air not knowing what lies at the
bottom of the Ocean.  True Faith
assumes that good things will
happen to us if we make that
Leap.  While we are suspended in
the air, we begin feeling warm and
strong.  But right before we hit the
waters, we become a little
anxious.  However, as we pass
through the waters, we instantly
realize that we have made the
right decision.  The dream has
helped me tremendously in my life
as I was going through various
transitions.  Therefore, take a leap
of faith if you have the
opportunity.  You will not be

Costa Rica invokes images of
Green Lush Forests,
waterfalls, Tropical Beaches
and endless Adventures.  
The Great Volcano spews
Lava and thunders at night,
revealing the majesty of the
Land.  Serenity and mystery
surrounds Costa Rica, and
anyone fortunate to visit this
beautiful place will
appreciate the wonders of
nature.  Welcome Home …
welcome to Costa Rica!


The winter is a time to rest
and cuddle, and be prepared
for new and exciting things.  
This couple is going back to
their beautiful home, and
they will spend most of their
time drinking Hot Chocolate,
eating popcorn, watching old
movies, and playing board
games.  They will reflect on
all the good and bad things
that have happened to them
in the previous year; and
they will remember all of the
lessons they’ve learned.  
Life is a long journey with
many lessons, and they
accept it as such.  But they’
re not concerned about that
stuff right now.  All they want
to do is be warm and happy.  
Winter is a great time to
celebrate holidays and bring
family and friends together.  
Have you been enjoying your

A Culdisac can be a
place of hiding, or a
base of strength.  It
can also be a boring
habitat.  In life, we
accept our
surroundings not
realizing their true
impact on our body
and mind.  We become
lazy and lose touch
with our sense of
wonder.  We take
things for granted.  
However, life has
much more to offer.  
Lets envision life as
something wonderful
and progressive.  Let
us change Now.  What
do you think of your

Look at his face.  What do you see?  This
is the face of the person who abuses
drugs, alcohol, and medicine.  Too much
of anything will end up destroying you.  
People like him live in dark fantasy and
self-deception.  He thinks he’s cool,
tough, and a know-it all.  In reality, he is
nothing but a loser who is depressed
and conceited.  People like him always
end up hurting others - either by word
or action.  This condition is a self-
disease and it can only be cured by
enlightenment.  He is also hurting his
body, soul, and mind, and incurring pain
and suffering for generations to come.  
What can we learn from Him?  We should
feel sorry for his condition.  He will
never amount to anything unless he
changes his ways.  We learn not to be
addicted to things that can destroy us.  
We learn how to cope with life by
resorting to other methods such as
spiritual discipline that builds patience
and character.  Surly, nobody wants to
be called, or live like, a fool.  But we
have all been accused of playing this
role.  Let others forgive you, and then
also forgive yourself.  This will begin
your journey of redemption, a healthy
life, and a better future.  Give it a try!