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The Lamp, the
Guitar, the Blanket
.... the Beautiful
Blue Waves in the
background.  What
a nice way to Relax
and Enjoy life.

Some people
might laugh at you
and tell you that
you are wasting
your time.  But
don't listen to
them, you are
doing the Right

When I was a kid, I had a dog named Maya.  
She was white colored with black spots.  
She got run over at a young age and died!  
I was very sad.

Now, lets move forward 22 years later.  I
got a beautiful white parakeet that had
black spots.  She reminded me of my dog
Maya.  I thought she would live long.  
However, she died young from a virus.  
She died in my hands!  I was really

Life sometimes brings us tough situations.  
All we can do is Extract what is good.  This
will keep us sane and keep us going
forward!  Here is a poem I wrote for my bird
... MAYA:

She was but a small Parakeet
White colored with black dots
She was very friendly and Happy
Always welcoming the other birds

Her curiosity was catching
Just as her beautiful chirps
One day she became sick
We took her to the Vet
She needed medicine

We gave her all the medicine we could
And spent much time and money
We wanted her healthy again

But fate had other plans for her
God must have loved her very much
She was a wonderful Angel

She died in my Hands
I held her in her last few moments
I rubbed her head
sang for her
And even prayed for her

She died very young
But she taught me many lessons

She taught me how to be more gentle
She taught me how to be more social
And she taught me how to love deeply

I will always miss her, our lovely bird Maya


The Virgin Mary
appears in Sedona,
Arizona, one of the
most beautiful
places on the earth.  
Spiritual and
Physical Beauty
rarely comes
together.  But such
moments we need
to enjoy and savor.

Have you ever had a
moment like this?


The Majesty and
Power of Humanity
is reflected in this
paintings.  You only
have one life to
Live.  Choose to live
an exciting life, full
of love and
goodness.  Help
others, sacrifice,
and endure the
hardships that life
brings you.  Only
then will you be able
to live in Greatness
and Feel the Power
of this painting.


This future
imaginary city is
being built on the
moon!  It has exotic
terrain and feel.

Notice the Face of
Mars on the bottom

Also notice the
seven candles in
the bottom center.  
There is a hidden
word they spell.  
Can you see it?  It is
April, 2006 - Friday the 13th, 2006

Maya only lived 7 months.  A
Parakeets life span is usually       
10 Years.