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Look at this woman closely.  Does
she look old or young?  Could She
be both old and young?

Stress and problems ages our
face.  Have you seen a 20-year-old
person who looks 40?  What about
that 50-years-old woman that looks

Living in love, peace, and harmony
keeps us looking young.  
Forgiving those who hurt us also
helps.  You might have some very
old grudges.  Forgive, forget, and
move on.  Life is too short to ruin
your own life.

Reduce your stress and problems,
and don't forget to get enough
Sleep.  These are the keys to
looking Young!

[77] TIGER

I did this color drawing after my cat died.  
She lived for 17 Long Years!  She died
on Christmas Day, 2002.  It was a very sad
day for me.  Since I always celebrate
XMAS, I will always remember her.  

Enjoy and Cherish your pets everyday.  
Yes, we sometimes neglect them
because they are just pets and we have
other important things to do.  However,
please appreciate your pets everyday.  
You won't regret it in the end.

[78] ELVIS

Elvis was the King of Rock N Roll in his
days.  He sang and we listened.  He was
rich, generous, and successful.

However, he was also a Human being.  
He had disappointments, failures, and

This is how I drew Elvis.  He was
amazing, but he was sometimes Sad.


The Ancient
civilizations of the
Pharaohs, the
Mayans, and the
Inca's are displayed
here.  Many people
think that these
Great Civilizations
lived much better
than we do today.

However, what
makes a civilization
great is not their
might or power.  
Notice the unknown
alphabet on the
pyramids, logs, sail,
and in the air.  Click
here to find out the
secrets of the

[80] MY LIFE

It took a year  to
finish this ink
drawing.  It has many
words, images, and
symbols of my life.

Click here to view a
blow-up image.