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This man has worked
hard to realize his
dreams.  Notice the
three boats on the
right.  They
symbolize the three
stages of the self:  
The Sleeping Self,
the Waking Self, and
the Actualized Self.

Notice The man on
the mountain, he has
finally actualized
himself, and he
hovers down the
mountain.  The man
on the mountain and
the radiation around
him are the pupil of
a Giant eye.  Can you
see the EYE?  Have
you Actualized


The desert is very
beautiful and
serene.  It brings a
silent meditation to
those in its midst.

In this color
Drawing, we behold
a Cross floating in
sky watching over all
who drive or walk in
the desert.  Notice
the three birds, they
are a symbol of the
Trinity.  Can you see
the faint clouds?

Take a drive or walk
across the desert.  
What symbols do you
think you will see?

[73] NIGHT

This lady likes to go
out at night and
have a good time.  
She parties monday
through sunday!  
She is full of life
and energy.  She is
always on the go,
looking for wild

We all encounter
certain people
that project and
exude this
energy.  They are
fun to be around.

These two exotic
islands exist in the
middle of the ocean.  

The island on the left
has Yellow summer
waters and Turquoise
skies.  The island on
the right has brilliant
skies and Turquoise

Shells are scattered
on the beaches.  
There is a Huge Rock
on each island.  It
symbolizes us, gazing
on this beautiful
double scenery.


In the middle of the
night, I dreamt I was
being pursued by
three bad men.  I was
hopping from
building to building,
and finally I jumped
on a Tall building
where no one could
find me.

I looked in the
distance and I saw a
beautiful shinning
Crystal City.  A great
light flowed from that
city and went right
through my Heart!  I
woke up feeling very
Happy.  A few weeks
later, I landed a very
good job.  It lead me
to great success.  I
never forgot that
dream.  Do you have
dreams like that?  
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