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Look closely at this picture, what
do you see?  A chair, flowers,
three bottles, a blanket ...

What you  probably don't see is an
animated presence within the
chair.  There is a unique face that
almost pops out at you.  Do you
see it?  It is a strange face but it is
there!  Just keep looking and you
will find it.

Sometimes, life seems very dull
and boring.  There is nothing
exciting to do and no special place
to go.  However, if we look closely
in our environment, we discover
that there are lots of things to do
and see.  We just have learn how
and where to look.  It is a special
skill that needs to be developed.  
Good Luck!

This drawing depicts the
various events
connected with the first
landing of Humans on the
moon.  It was APOLLO 11
that landed on the moon
on July 20, 1969.  Notice
the three heads on the
right, they resemble the
three Astronauts:
Armstrong, Buzz, and
Collins.  Look on the left,
can you see the Saturn
Rocket?  There is a
footprint below the
Rocket.  At the bottom,
we see the words 'WE
achievements like this
Inspire us to work harder
in our lives to reach
Greatness.  What is your


It is a very old and
nice story.  Two
people having a
nice picnic out
with Nature.  The
car is parked at
the lower right.  
They brought
some sandwiches,
juice, and candy.  
The Tree on the
left is providing
them with shade.  
Notice the White
Cloud.  It is a
special cloud
which brings good
luck.  When was
the Last time you
had a picnic?


In this beautiful
painting, we behold
the sun rising.  The
waters are calm and
there is no activity
yet.  The fishermen
will begin their long
day very soon.  They
will work very hard to
earn a living.  They
will mend their nets,
catch fish, put them
into baskets, clean
them, and then sell
them at the market.  
But for now, it is just
a beautiful moment to
savor... The stillness
of a Sunrise!


The Fishermen have
worked hard all day
catching fish, and
now it is time to
relax.  Working too
much can kill you, so
why not stop and
enjoy the sunset?  
There is no more
noise or chatter.  
Tomorrow, they will
start all over again,
working long hours
to make a living.  But
for now, it is time to
Enjoy a Timeless