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[21] THE

Our fast paced life
seems to lead us to
nowhere.  Like a
commercial, we eat,
drink, drive, and
watch TV.  Notice the
Red color in the city.  
It is attractive, but it
is also boring and
empty.  We need to
get out of mechanical
and robotic habits
and discover our
True Selves.  We
need to visit nature
more often to refresh
and rediscover the
gem hidden inside of
us.  When was the
Last Time you took a
Good Vacation?


Here we are relaxing
away on the isolated
island of Bora Bora.  
The sun is shining
bright, the sea is
Beautiful.  There is a
feeling of excitement
because we are
ready to go out and
explore the oceans
and the jungles and
have a really good

We play all day, then
we return and sleep
in our Humble, yet
magnificent little Hut
over the Waters.  
Wow, what a Feeling!
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[23] DEATH!

Here we see some of
the symbols of death
and danger: alligator,
snake, mummies,
confusion, a red eye
... However, we also
see a Cross.  That is
because the Cross
transcends both Life
and Death and it
exists in Both
Worlds.  Death is ugly
and Nasty, but it is
also a part of life.  
What can we Learn
from Death?  We
should live life to its
fullest and never
waste time fighting,
arguing, and doing
bad things.  The
Precious moments
we lose, never come
back again.

Here he is!  Smiling, dressed up, carrying
his Bible and ready to do God's work.  He
is the man of God and he is always ready
to Preach, to Pray, to Heal, and to

As Citizens of Planet Earth, we are
equipped for Spiritual Enlightenment and
Progress.  We don't need to dress up
and carry big bibles in order to teach
others the Truth.  It is nice to have all
that, but it is even better to be low key.  
The more you can identify with people,
the more effective your message will be.  
You can apply this rule to everything in
life, such as work, relationships, school,

In the desert, there
is too much heat and
dust.  The Camels
hang out under the
trees, socializing and
feeling safe.

However, these are
not regular camels,
they are angels
disguised as Camels!
Their mission in the
desert is somewhat
mysterious.  They
might be carrying
important messages
from one place to
another.  Or maybe
they are watching
somebody.  Believe it
or not, we all have
Hidden Angels in our
lives, and they are
Here on Earth doing
God's Work.