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The city in the
background, like a
Ghost in the mist.  A
bottle, a boot, a plant
vase, and a curtain.  
They are all
Reminders of the
things that Exist in
the City.  But the Real
city is not made of
physical objects.  It is
made from our
emotions and
thoughts, feelings
and convictions.  The
City is not out there, it
is INSIDE of You!


Here we behold the
Grand Canyon, but it
is not the true one.  
This canyon is fading
away.  The colors are
light and soft.  You
can still see the
powerful sun
emerging from a
Distance.  But even
the sun cannot Help
the Canyon.  It is in
the process of
disappearing -
Forever!  This canyon
symbolizes our old
self that fades away
with time.  Our old
cloths and shoes, our
old Habits and
thoughts.  We need to
shed our old self in
order to regenerate
and allow room for
our new, and more
better, Self to
Emerge.  Have you
shed your old self?


Most religions have
stories of those who
have overcome Death.  
Here we behold Jesus
rising out of his tomb
and making the 'V' sign
of victory.  Notice the
city, everyone is asleep
and unaware of the
Event.  The Beautiful
Rising Sun and the Calm
Trees all behold the
Resurrection.  We are
sometimes slow in
understanding things,
but Nature seems to
beat us in Learning.  Let
us Learn from Nature!

Newton was not just a man of science, he
was a man of deep mysteries.  He studies
Alchemy, the Pyramids, and the Bible.  It
seems that most of his discoveries in our
scientific world were due to his studies
in these other fields!  In this sketch, you
can see alchamic symbols, calculus,
optics, the pyramids, and his book of
Knowledge.  Look at his face.  It is filled
with mystery and deep concentration.

We need to understand that the world of
science and logic is deeply connected to
the sacred and mysterious.  Do some
research and you will discover this to be
true!  Newton made this connection
hundreds of years ago.  Can you learn
from Him?


In this sketch, you see Jesus crucified on
a Cactus Tree!  The Cactus Tree is very
patient in collecting and distributing
water for Survival.  It can also be Very
Painful for any who touches it.  Notice the
Red, Yellow, Blue River on the Left.  It
symbolizes all of our Sins that Jesus Died
for.  Jesus, being very patient, absorbed
the sting of our sins so that we can have
Everlasting Life!  Do you see the
Connection between the Cactus and