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[11] Four Parts

What happens to us
when we die?  This is a
very good question.  
Here is a good answer:  
When we die, a part of
us goes to heaven (the
Triangle in the top
right), part of us goes
back to the earth (the
bottom sphere), part of
is left here on earth
from all of our
family, and people who
remember us (the
bottom left cube), and
finally, a part of us
reincarnates (the top
left phoenix) and
returns back into the
mainstream of Life.  
What do you Think?

This is a quick sketch of a vacation
place that is filled with various
unorthodox colors.  The sky is light
green, the mountain on the right is
purple, the water is somewhat
yellow, and the beach is dark
brown.  Stop thinking about that
vacation and go do it, or else it will
just stay a thought in your head,
and you will go nowhere!

The man you see at
the bottom right is
our hidden self that
loves to relax and
enjoy life in
peacefulness.  Notice
the general feeling of
peace.  There is a
sense of calmness
and oneness.  Can
you take yourself to
that place?

Here is the Face of a wanderer.  He goes
from place to place searching for
something that he can never find.  Do you
know why?  Notice the stress in his face
from all the wandering.  This might seem
beautiful but it has to come to an end
sometime.  The reason he can find what
he is looking for is because he already
has it inside of him - the knowledge of
Himself.  He can't seem to reach deep
down within to find himself.  We all go
through similar cycles of wandering, but
again, it has to come to a stop once we
realize that we possess everything that
we need deep down inside of us!

This is a fusion of the power of
Christianity and the organic elements
of the earth.  The tree appears as if to
open its arms to receive the Love of
the Cross.  As you get away from the
tree and the cross, the terrain looks
dark.  There is a light at the Center of
our lives that shines at all times.  We
need rediscover this light and
connect to it all over again.