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Pictures ...
This man has gone
through the process
of Salvation.  The
bottom left shows his
life before salvation:
full of misery,
confused in a box,
thoughts of death,
being haunted by the
serpent, feeling
locked in a prison,
broken hearted,
going after only
money and lust, the
tree of sadness.  On
the top right, though,
you see him happy,
you see a happy tree,
he is jumping for joy,
there is a nice house,
a bible, and a strong
heart.  But there is
also the Cross, which
is how this man
achieved Salvation.


Here I am relaxing on the Beach
looking at the exotic sun,
mountains, and waters.  Notice the
three beautiful birds in the
distance.  The place is well
balanced that you can even see
the bright stars above.  You might
be wondering how come there is
only the letter Z and its shadow
instead of a person?  I am so
relaxed I can't feel myself and my
body.  I am so light and so in the
moment that you can only see one
letter and its shadow!  

Relaxation should be like this:
empty your mind and keep your
spirit light, and then you will get it!


On a deserted island, far away
from any civilization, we behold
this magnificent sunrise.  The sky
is full of bright majestic rays, while
the ocean is calm and beautiful.  
Notice the reflection of the three
black mountains in the distance -
they are very Etherial.

When was the last time you beheld
such a sunrise?

The tree is the Human Earth, there
is a man walking on water - it is
Jesus.  The city is very
Mysterious.  The Supreme Eye
watches Everything.  Do you see
the fence between the tree and
the rest?  It is the gap between
our humanity and our true spiritual

In the center of the
Human eye, the
invisible eye begins
to operate.  It sees all
and feels everything
around us.  Many
people choose to use
only their natural eye
and, thereby, miss on
all the other activities
around us.

This Eye is Beautiful
and it was created to
see the Entire