The mountains on the
right are Faith, Hope
and Love in our lives.
The background sky is
the Truth, the waters
are the Sea of Justice,
and the Sun is the Eye
of God that Watches
everything; the stars
are Heaven. The Dead
Tree is our self that is
still sleeping and
undiscovered.  Yet,
when the rays of the
sun reach the tree, it
awakens and becomes
the ship, looking at the
shores of peace
(Green beach), sailing
through the waters of
Justice under the sky
of Truth.... ..... .....


The Spiritual man sits in
the center, laying on
rock, meditating in
peacefulness.  Beside
him is the Tree of
Knowledge.  Next to him
is the Bread and Wine.  
He is Gazing at the
Eternal City of Peace
and happiness ... The
City of God !  

He partakes of the
Bread and Wine, and
achieves Spiritual


The flower in the
middle has a
beautiful lighted
Core.  This light
comes from the
Eternal city and fuses
itself with the Flower.
The Tree to the right
is mysterious yet
beautiful.  The Dove
of Peace perches and
watches over the
flower.  The Eternal
City is majestic and
beautiful - nothing
can compare to it.  
The star in the upper
corner reminds us of
our beautiful destiny
after Death.  The two
small flowers to the
left symbolizes our
young self and our
kids.  But You are the
Center Flower!

Hell is on the bottom
right while heaven is
on the top left.  
Heaven has light,
clouds, cities of
Gold, Love, the
Cross and flowers.  
Hell has lakes of fire
& mountains of
brimstone, and
people melting.  Can
you read the words
'Hell' back on the
mountains.  Also,
there is a word that
is written between
Heaven an Hell, it
starts from the
bottom left and goes
to the top right.  Can
you read it? The
word is 'CHOOSE',
and it signifies the
fact that we choose
heaven and hell
here on earth and in
the afterlife.

On the left you see
the Pyramids of Egypt,
while on the right you
see the great light of
Christ's Empty Tomb
and four birds.  Both
of these side
represent physical
and spiritual
resurrection.  In the
middle stands the
modern man, draped
in Egyptian royalty,
but also with a cross
and a Halo around his
head.  He is being
Transformed and
shaped by the Ideas
of the Past.  Will He
ever attain Physical
or Spiritual

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....  The Ship is Headed Towards the mountains of Faith, Hope, and Love.  Let Your
Life be like this ship, Traveling in majesty and power Towards its infinite Destiny.
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