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"Citizens Of Planet Earth" - THE BOOK

THE FRONT COVER contains symbols and things that we use in our daily life.  
Pictured on the front cover are a guitar, keyboard, paintings, laptop, martial
arts equipment, College degree, chess set, ping pong paddle, trophy, stamps,
sword, drum sticks, gold coins, candle holder, a cross, books, and other
interesting things that are a part of my Life.

THE BACK COVER shows a small Ficus Tree and a beautiful white parakeet.  
The Ficus Tree grew in my backyard from a flown seed, which to me is a
symbol of our Free and Eternal Human Spirit that always strives for progress
and happiness.  The white parakeet is our lovely bird 'Maya' that died on
October Friday the 13th as I was finishing the book.  I wrote a beautiful poem
about her in the book.

The words of this book were written to guide and inspire, to entertain and
enlighten.  They are the product of many years of writing, reflecting, and
deeply thinking about Life.

This book will bring balance and harmony to your life, but only if you
understand it and apply its concepts correctly.  Many people choose to live in
survival mode only.  But life is much more than that.  Achieving balance and
harmony will increase the chances of your success, improve the quality of your
life, and ultimately lead you to greater happiness.

The book is filled with many stories on many subjects.  You will immediately
understand some of the stories and lessons in the book, but other lessons
might take you a lifetime to unlock and comprehend.  That is okay because this
book is meant to be read over a long period of time.  So keep it as your
companion, and refer to it when you can.  You will not be disappointed.

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You will have a chance to get an Autographed copy of the Book plus a
Serial Number that comes with each Book.  Later on, after starting to
Read the book, you will be able to email your Serial Number and the
Lesson(s) that you've learned.  Your Lesson Will be Posted on the Web
with your Serial Number for Everyone to Read!

For information on getting an Autographed Book with a Serial Number, Please
send an email to: Nazih_elhayek@yahoo.com


The book is divided into these Seven Sections:

[1] Introduction to Citizens of Planet Earth
(Why I wrote this book and how this project Came to be)

[2] The Story of Samitara
(A 15-Page short story of the Adventures of a Person who Travels the world
seeking answers to the Greatest and Deepest Questions in Life! )

[3] 140 short Tales from the Blue Planet
( 60 pages that Contain 140 very short stories, ranging from 10 to 20 lines per
story, that reveal interesting lessons about almost everything we go through in
life; Topics include life, death, war, humor, love, UFO, history, vacation,
animals, plants, religion, children, work, marriage, economics, ... etc.)

[4] Is there Design in the Universe?
(These 30-pages allow you to think freely and make up your own mind about
design in the Universe.  Do we live in a Universe that is careless and blind to
our needs and feelings, or is there real design, purpose and meaning to our
lives?  These 30-pages will Help You Answer those questions.)  

[5] Poems
( 9 pages of Inspiring Poems that will Touch Your Life. )

[6] Quotes from Around The World
( 10 pages filled with quotes from both Famous and Ordinary People.  These
Quotes will open your spiritual eyes and bring happiness to your soul.  Some
of them will even make you Laugh. )

[7] Cosmic Conclusion
( A personal Message to You, wishing you the Best and hoping that you
receive The Greatest things of Life. )

This Book Does Not have any page numbers!  However, It does have chapters
and headings so you can track your Readings.  The reason why it has no page
numbers is because The Book has no Beginning or End, it just flows through
life.  It is an open book that allows us to examine our lives from any point in
time - The past, the present, or the future.  A book should never be a rigid
thing, but should be a window and a companion that Travels with us on our
Life's Journey.  This is how
'Citizens of Planet Earth' was Written.  Enjoy it!

We are all citizens of this Great Planet, and this includes you and me.  Don’t
get tied down with cultural, political, or religious boundaries.  Open your mind
and heart to the power of this Universe, and you will never be the same.  The
world is going through a global revolution; it is an ancient dream that we are all
part of.  Your destiny is Greatness, so believe in yourself.   

May you live long, stay strong, and reach your farthest dreams



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