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[619] Heaven and hell are both inside of your body and mind and
heart, and outside of you in the Real world.  They exist both
inside and outside of us.  Real wisdom !
- The Explorer ( July, 2015 )

[618] GOD is Energy and the Producer of Energy.  All living
things, nature,  food, electronics and matter have Energy.
- Nazih Elhayek (June, 2015 )

[617] Heaven is real.  When you go there, you assume a new
younger stronger, pretty heavenly body.  Then you work in God's
kingdom and build Gods kingdom for many years, and then you
fight satan and destroy him.  Finally, your mission is complete
and then you might come back to earth and
repeat the cycle, or you might go to another level !
- The Great Cycle ( June, 2015 )

[616] True and real spirituality Is like money; the more you have
of it, the more you can control your life and destiny and help
- The Spiritual Gambler ( June, 2015 )

[615] Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions have gravity inside
our brains themselves; and that gravity creates ourselves and
morality, and our soul and spirit, and it's connected to the
greater gravity of planet earth !
- The Wanderer ( May, 2015 )

[614] The flesh and it's mechanisms Is the doorway to the spirit
world and it's immortal energy.
- The whisperer ( May, 2015 )

[613] Heaven is a Force Field that you exist in and live through
like an umbilical chord !
- The Spiritual Nurse ( May, 2015 )

[612] The reason why we want more Money, more power and
more stuff is because deep down inside we long for eternity and
to be immortal !
- The Philosopher ( May, 2015 )

[611] Sleeping is like dying, except in sleeping you wake up in
this world, while in dying you wake up in the other world !
- The Friend ( April, 2015 )

[610] Heaven and God are an energy level that we carry within
us and live through.  We already have the glorified body inside of
us that's continually growing; and when we sleep at night we
touch the spirit world !
- Nazih Elhayek ( April, 2015 )

[609] Thousands of Invisible worlds and dimensions exist here on
earth that are spiritual, and meta spiritual and para spiritual
mixed with nature and atoms and energies and frequencies.
- The Explorer ( April, 2015 )

[608] The Reason why we wear makeup and suits, and wants to
improve our image is because we are longing for an immortal
body and a resurrected body !
- The Cleaner ( April, 2015 )

[607] We Exist in a Heavenly Body that we live through as people
of God, guided and nourished by his Love and by our love for one
- The Healing Road ( April, 2015 )

[606] Material Wealth and Spiritual Advancement work hand in
- The Balancer ( April, 2015 )

[605] We already have our glorified bodies within us growing and
achieving sainthood.  When the body is gone, then our glorified
bodies fuses with nature, and God, and the Gaia spirit of the
earth, and continues building Gods kingdom and sustaining the
earth !
- The Heavenly Observer ( April, 2015 )

[604] Water in our bodies Helps make our consciousness more
- The Experimentor ( April, 2015 )

[603] True science and progress Is built on true Christianity, and
the spirit of love, knowledge, peace, and grace for the
advancement of both our Souls, bodies, and Spirits.
- The True Scientist ( April, 2015 )

[602] Sometimes as you study God and the Spirit World, God will
have eternity pass through you and you'll feel it and it's awesome!
- The Revealer ( April, 2015 )

[601] To be on the positive spectrum is to believe in God, and
even positive atheists are actually doing God's Work !
- The Thinker ( April, 2015 )

[600]  Believing in God Is the operating system that unlocks the
infinite Software and the unlimited server of Gods wealth, health,
and Love in our Lives.
- Nazih Elhayek ( April, 2015 )

[599] There is always something bigger moving the pieces around
Wayne Dyer ( April, 2015)

[598] Let a cloud of wealth and blessings and healing and
prosperity and favor fall upon me O Lord, with your eternal love
and blessings surrounding me and engulfing my whole life !
- Eternal Prayer ( March, 2015 )

[597] Whenever you watch people who passed away on Video or
in pictures, you are recalling them and their energy and
resurrecting them !
- Techno Master ( March, 2015 )

[596] Meditation and going to sleep everyday is like a
Preparation for Death, but not going all the way through.
- Desert Sage ( March, 2015 )

[495] Continuously discover Heaven within you and discard hell
far away, and connect your spirit to the Greater Heaven with its
Unlimited Fountain of Love and Peace and Gods Presence.
- Nazih Elhayek ( February, 2015 )

[494] Once heaven and Gods kingdom becomes big and strong
enough, it will descend on this earth and change everything for
the better.
- The Analyst ( February, 2015 )

[493] Heaven is the product of the Energy of plants around us
floating in the air and picked up and processed by our
biofeedback mechanism through our  consciousness.
- Zeeforce ( February, 2015 )

[492] The flesh and it's mechanisms are the doorway to the spirit
world and it's immortal energy.
- Nazih Elhayek ( February, 2015 )

[491] Heaven is real and you go there and assume a new younger
stronger beautiful heavenly body; then you work in God's
kingdom and build Gods kingdom for many years; and then you
fight satan and the bad angels and destroy them. After your
mission is complete, you either come back to earth and
repeat the cycle, or you might go to another level !
- Spiral Thinker ( February, 2015 )

[490] Our thoughts, feelings and emotions have gravity inside our
brain. In turn, that gravity creates ourselves and morality, our
souls and spirits and it's connected to the greater gravity of
planet earth.
- The Cosmic Explorer ( January, 2015 )

[489] Heaven and hell are The atomic states of our bodies at
Certain moments.  When we die, we are judged by our own
bodies and spirits according to all the good and bad we have done
in a Giant spiritual mixer !  And then we live out our judgment
for some time.  Afterwards, we become void and nothing, and we
return to the empty state of this beautiful universe.  Then our
generated energy gets recycled and transformed back into this
Life and we begin Life again !
- Mr. Moetzulf Cycle ( January, 2015 )

[488] When you die your body holds you down while heaven pulls
you upward. Where you end up depends on the frequency of your
- Ken the Spirit Scientist ( January, 2015 )

[487] Our humanity gets in the way of gods grace.
- Doe ( December, 2014 )

[486] The Catholic Saints Incorruptibles; their soul have
discovered a switch to Stay alive and connected to our World -
the Living World in a suspended state between heaven and planet
earth !
- Zeeman ( December, 2014 )

[485] Spirit is accelerated matter, It's unlimited infinite matter.
It's matter in a nuclear stage with super high concentrated
frequency distilled in our Consciousness.
- Nazih Elhayek ( December, 2014 )

[484] Each time we pray and Think spiritual thoughts we assist in
the Creation and Progress of the Spiritual world !
- Nazih Elhayek ( December, 2014 )

[483] Galaxies are the brains of God; it is as if Galaxies appear
connected like a giant brain synapsis - God's Brain !
- The Spiritual Astronomer ( November, 2014 )

[482] We are expanding physically And spiritually with the
- Zeeman ( November, 2014 )

[481] Your processed reality Is how your Will reacts to the good
and bad situations in your Life.
- Desert Master ( November, 2014 )

[480] God, heaven and hell Is our projection & interpretations of
the natural forces around us. But they are real nonetheless !
- The Wonderer ( October, 2014 )

[479] We Continuously Communicate with Heaven and hell and
the world of Purgatory on a Daily Basis ! LEARN from it and
Expand Your Life and Soul !
- Pragmatic Joe ( October, 2014 )

[478] We can Remember Everything, every detail that happen in
our lives through SWM: Spirit World Memory, like it just
happened !
- The Experimentor ( October, 2014 )

[477] In the garden of Eden We lived perfectly in the spirit
world. But once we sinned we got transferred to the physical
world !
- Contemplator ( October, 2014 )

[476] Save my soul, save my spirit, Heal my body, and bring me
to Everlasting Life O Lord !
- The Priest ( September, 2014 )

[475] When you die your Alien virus atoms inside of you travel all
over the world, exploring worlds and spirits and knowledge !  We
become angel-like beings with light and we are younger !!
- The Dreamer ( September, 2014 )

[474] Humans are the products of alien viruses , ape like
creatures and the power of God and his Nature !
- The Religious Evolutionist ( September, 2014 )

[473] Religion can be like A virus; and every religious person
tries to infect other people with their own religious Viruses !!!!! -
- The Animist ( August, 2014 )

[472] All religions are a mixture of human beings and our alien
DNA, trying to make sense and Balance ourselves with the
energy of the planet, and the Eco-system with all Creatures.
- The Geniusist ( August, 2014 )

[471] We are aliens from another planet because
we need cloth , we study things , and we have different languages !
And we are constantly growing in the knowledge of God and his
kingdom and how to operate in this world !
- The Analyst ( August, 2014 )

[470] A Long time ago the spirit was thicker all over the planet
and more condensed because we had less people.
- The Biospherist ( July, 2014 )

[469] The digital world is Very close to the spiritual world
because it has super speed and it's almost instant !
- Vick The Observer ( July, 2014 )

[468] We see with our eyes and spirits
and We can travel with our eyes everywhere !
- Copitor ( July, 2014 )

[467] Part of Gods spirit has been
Transferred to Electronics inside the circuits !
- Ken the Digital Scientist ( June, 2014 )

[466] Spirit is matter That's vibrating too fast for us to see it here
on Earth, and mater is spirit that's vibrating too slow !
- Neon the Balancer ( June, 2014 )

[465] The spiritual world is made
Out of Spiritual Thick GOLD and small atomic elements.
- The Modern Alchemist ( June, 2014 )

[464] Most Religions are forms of Self-hypnosis that attempt to
make us feel better, live better, and think better.  However, their
powers brings Strength, well-being, empowerment, and Healing !
- The Universalist ( May, 2014 )

[463] The Creative Energy seeks to develop itself in all world
religions - hindu, jewish, christian and muslim - and brings
obedience and worship to that Divine Mystical FIRE !
- The Shaman ( May, 2014 )

[462] Spiritual Energy is Like Emotional Gravity.  It falls on you
and bring you down to its mysterious purposes !
- The Drunk Sage ( May, 2014 )

[461] Its easy to Live Very Long & Healthy.  Just activate your
Longevity Gene in your brain by sleeping better, eating better,
and having better faith.
- The Saint ( May, 2014 )

[460] Our spiritual Experiences are the Result of our minds
looking inside of and Feeling our Nerves and brain cells.  And
yet, those nerves and brain cells are connected to the External
Mysterious world through deep DNA Bonds !
- The Smart Scientist ( May, 2014 )

[459]  As Humanity grows, we will populate the oceans and seas
and create underwater wonders and call them HOME.  The
Earth is full of Water for our Benefit !
- Karmen ( April, 2014 )

[458] Heaven is a Physical Layer that Engulfs the Earth with
Gods presence, Love, healing power, and Infinite Bliss.  Now you
can reach out to it and allow it to Transform You and heal your
body, soul, and mind.
- The Good Magician ( April, 2014 )

[457] The building of God's Kingdom here on Earth is a
progressive process that was begun a long time ago.  You are
part of it already; therefore, embrace it and live it to the Fullest.
- The Visionary ( March, 2014 )

[456] Be Good to yourself and to others.  You were meant to live
1000 years and thats why we only use 10% of our brains.  Believe
in your timeless and Endless destiny and Future.
- The Modern Shaman ( March 2014 )

[455] We've got to Continually Calibrate our Eyes to see more of
the Good in people than the bad.  Its not easy, but we've got to
keep on reminding ourselves that we are positive beings.
- Nazih Elhayek ( Feb. 2014 )

[454] Computers are the Technological Bread of the world, and
commerce and industry.  Connect with computers as a way to
Advance & Better your Life and those around You.
- Super Tech. ( Feb. 2014 )

[453] To be successful you need to hide your mind inside that
bubble of wealth and keep repeating to yourself that you are
blessed, rich, and happy.  This self-energizing concept will keep
you successful for the rest of your life !
- Nazih Elhayek ( Feb., 2014 )

[452] Making money is Great because money is made out of
paper, and paper comes from Trees and nature.  Therefore,
money is good because it brings us closer to Nature !
- The Wanderer ( 01/2014 )

[451] When the Body returns to Earth, The Soul Returns to God.  
It is like the Eagle pressing the air downward to the earth, and
pushing itself higher and higher towards Heaven.
- Nazih Elhayek ( January, 2014 )

[450] "To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die."
- Thomas Campbell ( December, 2013 )

[449] People with Very High IQ's and those with Deepest Insights
have seen rewards of the good and holy and the judgements of the
bad and evil ... In all religions across all continents they have
been witnesses to a marvelous WORLD BEYOND ours.
Therefore, let us tread lightly and wisely into these Eternal
- The Philosopher ( November, 2013 )

[448] We give Divinity to our birds, dogs, cats and pets when we
bring them into our environment and expose them to our
- Zeeman ( November, 2013 )

[447] Money is the product of your work and labor combined
with your mental alignment of investments and vision of your Life.
- The Believer ( October, 2013 )

[446] If you don't believe in God don't blame yourself, just blame
Life cause life is sometimes very Hard !
- The Wanderer ( September, 2013 )
[445] We Humans are visitors from another world, our time on
this Planet in brief; and we ultimately return back to where we
came from.
- The Wanderer ( August, 2013 )

[444] If you view Life on the surface level, its easy to not believe
in God.  But if you dig deeper into the layers of life, its very to
Easy to See and Believe in GOD !
- The Captain ( July, 2013 )

[443] Electronic circuits are made of thousands of spirits and
they are all inter-wined ! The Human spirit and Technology are
Fused together !
- The Observist ( July, 2013 )

[442] The Holy Spirit assassinates Evil ... its that Simple !
- The Worshiper ( June, 2013 )

[441] What does religion and Borg technology have in Common?  
They both strive to reach Immortality !
- Jerry the Actor ( June, 2013 )

[440] Everyday, Churches Radiate Gods love and
Good energy to all mankind ! Wow !! Absorb that energy !
- Joan from Choir ( June, 2013 )

[439] The Leaf is so small, and yet, it Creates Huge Forests.  
Therefore, you be that LEAF !
- John the Naturalist ( June, 2013 )

[438] When you carry your Cross, it is a sign of your Union with
God.  Don't be sad or discouraged.  Continue carrying your
- Joe The Preacher ( June, 2013 )

[437] Your beliefs are how you respond to your feelings in the
situation you're in.
- Mystic Moses ( June, 2013 )

[436] Avoid your crazy gene, that negative energy that comes
from stress, old age, and fallen nature ... stay busy and sleep
enough.  Bury your crazy gene !
- The Scientist ( June, 2013 )

[435] Every Era has a Hero, are you one of them ?
- The Servant ( June, 2013 )

[434] Once you die a thousand deaths a thousand times, you will
fell and understand the majesty of Life.
- Doi ( June, 2013 )

[433] Before you jump into judging others, judge yourself with all
your faults, and then you will have more wisdom on how to deal
with others and those who have Hurt You.
- River Monk ( May, 2013 )

[432] Helping others opens the door the improve the Quality of
your own Life.  Its a Miraculous transformation and it is
Wonderful !
- The Traveler ( May, 2013 )

[431] Don't spend all your time worrying about yourself and your
needs; rather, spend time on weekly basis to think and help those
who are suffering and who are less fortunate than you.
- Nazih Elhayek ( May, 2013 )

[430] Faith is your spiritual instinct and your quality inner
Wisdom, that allows you to see and realize things in the Spiritual
world and into the Past, Present and Future.
- Desert Master ( May, 2013 )

[429] Don't think of money as just a physical thing.  Money has
emotional power, and when we control our emotions and are in
balance, then our financial situation get better !
- Sacred Sage ( April, 2013 )

[428] All things are interrelated and a sacred tie ... All beings are
coordinated together, all contribute to the harmony of the world.
- Marcus Aurelius ( April, 2013 )

[427] The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and
with prayer.
- Marcus Aurelius ( April, 2013 )

[426] The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your
thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you
entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.
- Marcus Aurelius ( March, 2013 )

[425] To live happily is an inward power of the soul.
- Marcus Aurelius ( March, 2013 )

[424] Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and
from desires that make us their puppets, and from the vagaries of
the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh.
- Marcus Aurelius ( March, 2013 )

[423] He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with
the universe.
- Marcus Aurelius ( March, 2013 )

[422] "There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no
independence quite so important, as living within your means."
— Calvin Coolidge ( February, 2013 )

[421] The God-Self is stronger than selfishness.  Selfishness seeks
the weak self and is cold and narrow.  The God-self seeks
Spirituality and all that is Good, Warm, Loving, and Strong.  
Therefore, choose to Follow the God-Self , and not your
- Desert Master ( January, 2013 )

[420] God Created us so that we can be Co-Creators with Him,
Creating Peace, Love, and Purpose in This World.
- Nazih Elhayek ( January, 2013 )

[419] Go out at Night and Look Deep into the Night Sky ... and
Breathe in the Starlight ... it's a Magical Moment !
- The Wanderer ( January, 2013 )

[418] Nature does not Hurry, yet Everything is Accomplished.
- Lao Tzu ( January, 2013)

[417] Nature is the Art of God.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson ( December, 2012 )

[416] Happiness is a grateful Spirit, an optimistic attitude, and a
heart full of Love.
- The Garden Master ( December, 2012 )

[415] Love is the Greatest Refreshment in Life.
- Pablo Picasso ( December, 2012 )

[414] We don't live for the body, because it gets old and die.  Our
body lives for our spirit because it's Eternal !
- The Mysterious Monk ( November, 2012 )

[413] God makes you forget the good that you do, but remember
much of the bad you've done, so that you can do more good and
learn not be stupid !
- The Priest ( November, 2012 )

[412] Don't be afraid, God gave us Nature to help us balance and
extend our lives !
- The Naturalist ( November, 2012 )

[411] People who have a Rich Soul are not afraid to project their
dreams and visions into the unknown future.
- Wealthy Sage ( November, 2012 )

[410] Opportunity sometimes come disguised through
misfortune; therefore, use your inner wisdom to extract
opportunities from bad situations.
- The Businessman ( October, 2012 )

[409] If you are a spiritual person, don't disregard the physical
world, because within all matter there is spirit and magic hiding
and waiting to come out and change your world.  So Love the
physical world and stay spiritual !
- The Magician ( October, 2012 )

[408] We Create Heaven and Hell for ourselves in the way we live
our lives and the way we treat other people, and how we interact
with the environment.  You have the power to choose between
heaven or hell.
- Zeeforce ( September, 2012 )

[407] Focus on the Spirit, because crying expands your soul.  
When the Spirit flies, your flesh with Cry.  But don't hate crying
because it makes you stronger.
- Russian Sage ( August, 2012 )

406] When something dies or is destroyed, a Spirit block is
created somewhere in the Universe.  That thing or object
transforms into a new existence !
- The Philosopher ( July, 2012 )

[405] When Tragedy strikes, try to look at the big picture in life.  
There is lots of suffering in this world.  This will easy your pain.
When we share in the suffering of others, our own suffering
becomes more manageable.
- The Priest ( July, 2012 )

[404] One enemy is too many; a hundred friends too few.
- Anonymous ( June, 2012 )

[403] Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is
full of friends.
- Euripides ( June, 2012 )

[402] Life is a Long River and you have to flow with it.  The
moment you go against that flow, you will suffer and be unhappy.
- Nazih Elhayek  ( May, 2012 )

[401] Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit
- Alexis Delp ( May, 2012 )

[400] Forgiving is not just about forgetting; it's also about
remembering what happened without getting angry.
- Russian Sage (April, 2012 )

[399]  Resentment and anger is like drinking poison and
expecting the other Person to die.
- Anonymous ( April, 2012 )

[398] Always Pray and think of justice
and balance, not of revenge and hate.
- Pure Monk ( March, 2012 )

[397] Joy is the reward of letting go of all of your fears, pains,
anxiety, and negativity.  If it don't flow, Let it go.  Be Like the
- Desert Master ( March, 2012 )

[396] Stress is an important dragon to slay - or at least tame - in
your life.
- Marilu Henner ( February, 2012 )

[395] Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence
of keeping it alive.
Henry Ellis ( February, 2012 )

[394] We look out worldly for all the money and luxury and fame
and self interest that we could seek. While what we really want is
eternal beauty and timeless love inside of us ...
that can only be found by searching for God !
- Nazih Elhayek ( January , 2012 )

[393] Dollars are like small fish, difficult to catch, but not to be
thrown back except as bait for something bigger!
- Doi ( January, 2012 )

[392] "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is
when you give of yourself that you truly give."
- Khalil Gibran ( December, 2011 )

[391] Khalil Gibran said, "Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit
must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know
pain." Which means that we live daily in a numb state without
Feelings because we are bored and busy. But when we witness
pain around us, our Thick and Lazy Heart is broken and we feel
the True meaning of Life, the Light Within, our Immortal Self !
- Nazih Elhayek ( December, 2011 )

[390] Life is Good.  Live it !
- The Captain ( December, 2011 )

[389] God is within you, and the more sensitive you are to that
Godhood, the better choices and decisions you will make; and
you'll be able to maximize life's opportunities better.
- The Observer ( December, 2011 )

[388] Life is about Magic, we all need it. We can find everywhere,
in Music, Religion, Sports, art and Love !
- The Philosopher ( December, 2011 )

[387] f money is your hope for independence you will never have
it.  The only real security that a man will have in this world is a
reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.
- Henry Ford ( November, 2011 )

[386] What does it mean to Love someone?  It means to be in tune
with their emotions, feelings, thoughts and desires.  Its very
simple, but also extremely Deep !
- Nazih Elhayek ( November, 2011)

[385] You run after money all your life, but the deep desires of
your Heart is to become immortal and live forever!
- The Sage ( November, 2011 )

[384] Our Hearts burn with All Religions
of the world, and their powers and blessings belong to All of us !
- The Priest ( October, 2011 )

[383] If you make peaceful change impossible….
you make violent revolution inevitable."
-President John F Kennedy ( October, 2011 )

[382] Religious people think they own God by selling him and
playing games in their limited human ways.  However, God
belongs to Everyone, and he can be found by Everyone.
- Mountain Monk ( October, 2011 )

[381] "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free
to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and
shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned -
this is the sum of good government."
- Thomas Jefferson ( September, 2011 )

[380] People Love money because it brings them security and
freedom.  True security and freedom comes from finding the
fountain of youth and living forever.  That is our true destiny!
- The Master ( September, 2011 )

[379] If you find a road with no obstacles on it, it probably leads
to nowhere.
- Anonymous ( August, 2011 )

[378] When you think about death and suffering of those close to
you, don't get too overwhelmed.  This can take you backwards!  
Be strong and move forward.  Tell your spirit that you are strong
and you will live and continue spreading good energy and love.
- Doi ( August, 2011 )

[377] Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find
the ones worth suffering for!
-Bob Marley (July, 2011)

[376] A wise person uses coincidental circumstances to their
advantage.  Think about it, feel it, explore it, and do it !  
- Nazih Elhayek (July, 2011)

[375] LUCK is where opportunity and planning MEET !
- Robert Kiyosaki (July, 2011)

[374] Money is not the most important thing in the world; but it
does affect the most important things in the world !
- Robert Kiyosaki (July, 2011)

[373] I'm a Reflection of your own Heart.
- Russian Sage (June, 2011)

[372] "He Who looks outside, dreams; he who looks inside,
- Carl Jung (June, 2011)

[371] In order to increase your Personal wealth, you must adopt
the mentality that no one religion or political view is 100%
accurate or better than the other.  In this way, you stay open to
the hidden doors of acquiring wealth !
- The Money Man ( June, 2011 )

[370] Paper money has had the effect in your state that it will
ever have, to ruin commerce, oppress the honest, and open the
door to every species of fraud and injustice.
- George Washington (May, 2011)

[369] In the Circle, all forms are contained.  Fear is the shadow
of selfishness.
- The Sage (May, 2011)

[368] As I age I become more irreverent and cynical...and yet,
more positive and happy...I am grounded in reality, and can
laugh at the absurdity around me!
- Catherine Gannon (May, 2011)

[367] The highest form of self deception is when someone deceives
you, but also deceives themselves because they don't know they
are doing the deceiving !
- Storm Catcher (May, 2011)

[366] Birds stand on one foot for rest and balance, and so does
the yogi. We can Learn from both !
- Nature Lover (May, 2011)

[365] There is Power in Giving !
- Nazih Elayek (May, 2011)

[364] The Evil Principle has been unleashed, guard yourselves !
- Ancient Sage (May, 2011)

[363] When you volunteer and help others, even when your life is
not perfect, you'll discover great strength and Joy within you.
- Russian Teacher (May, 2011)

[362] When you meditate long ... the glory of
the Divine shines forth. You realize then that all along
there was something tremendous within you, and you did not
know it.”
— Paramahansa Yogananda (April, 2011)

[361] When the other person doesn't see eye to eye with you, and
you know deep inside that you are right, then their training has
just begun !  Let them go, for they have to go to school on their
own !
- The Observer (April, 2011)

[360] Take a pause from your busy routine — give yourself the
gift of silence.  Immerse yourself in an oasis of peace,
love, and light.
- Desert Master (April, 2011)

[359] To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to
carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful
activities, is the way that leads to permanent peace and
- African Zulu (April, 2011)

[358] The soul feels a joyous sense of relief and freedom. You
know that Death is only an experience through which you are
meant to learn a great lesson: you cannot die.
- Doi (April, 2011)

[357] The human will, that force unseen,
The offspring of a deathless soul,
Can hew a way to any goal,
Though walls of granite intervene.

Be not impatient in delay,
But wait as one who understands;
When spirit rises and commands,
The gods are ready to obey.
- James Allen (April, 2011)

[356] The Character of a person is the Sum of all his thoughts.
- James Allen ( April, 2011 )

[355] Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:—
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.
- James Allen ( April, 2011 )

[354] "All religions are one. They teach a divine life. I respect
saints and prophets of all religions. I respect all religions, all
cults, all faiths and all creeds. I serve all, love all, mix with all
and see the Lord in all".
- Swami Sivananda (April, 2011)

[353] Wrong Perception causes deception, but right perception
Leads to the Truth.
- Nazih Elhayek (March, 2011)

[352] People from all faiths and religions do good deeds, speak
good words and transmit good thoughts, feelings and energy
everyday. They create a sea of goodness, sands of peace, and skies
of Love ! We live surrounded by the goodness of God and others!
- Nazih Elhayek (March, 2011)

[351] Enter The blessedness of universal love.
- The Yogi (March, 2011)

[350] It's Gods mercy that allows good things to come out of evil
and bad situations !
- The Captain (March, 2011)

[349] I am too blessed to be Stressed !
- Joel Osteen (March, 2011)

[348] When evil strikes we must eventually do something good
somehow somewhere to equalize the situation.
- The Priest ( March, 2011 )

[347] There's something in our Soul that cries out for freedom.
- Martin Luther King (March, 2011)

[346] Lord let your love heal all human hearts,
Let your wisdom guide all peoples minds and emotions,
Let your grace sustain all human life,
And Let your light heal all animals and plants !
- Nazih Elhayek ( March, 2011 )

[345] Suffering creates heroes and saints out of us.
- Anonymous ( March, 2011 )

[344] MBA is getting a masters degree in business; but MBA is
also a way to remember to bring balance into your life.  M for
movement, soft and steady.  B for breathing, deep and calm.  And
A for awareness, complete and un-interupted.  Go ahead, and
achieve Balance - movement, breathing & awareness !
- The Yogi ( February, 2011 )

[343] “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his
enemy and one for himself”
- old Chinese Proverbs ( February, 2011 )

[342] Faith has the letter 'i' in the center of the word.  This
stands for you, the 'i' inside of you.  Therefore, focus on you, your
needs, desires, and passions.  Let your personal energy guide
your faith and accomplish your goals.
  1. - ( Zulu from Africa, February, 2011 )

[341] Faith can stand for: Future Acquirement In Total
Happiness.  Yes!  Let your life be lead by positive energy.
- The Priest ( February, 2011 )

[340] The more you think about yourself, the smaller you
become.  But the more you think about other people, the bigger
you become. So don't be too selfish, think about and help others!
- Desert Master ( February, 2011 )

[339] When you think, talk, touch someone, or act all in a positive
manner, you are emitting your personal energy; and this attracts
people, wealth, and God's energy back to you.
- Nazih Elhayek ( February, 2011 )

[338] The Marriage Manual is the Love that you Create, Share,
and produce as you go along in your Life's Journey.
- Nazih Elhayek ( January, 2011 )

[337] Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners who still
have hope! I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings
for each of your troubles.
- The Bible ( Zech. 9:12, January, 2011 )

[336] Seek First the Kingdom of God, and All Things will be
Given to You.
-The Bible ( January, 2011 )

[335] Your conscious is probably the most important thing you
need to protect in this world.  It has your memories, reflections,
feelings, and soul.  It is the Real You within and inside your Body.
- Nazih Elhayek ( January, 2011 )

[334] Courage conquers all things; it even gives strength to the
- old Chinese Proverb ( January, 2011 )

[333] Follow your heart not your mind.  Your mind is limited,
but your Heart has unlimited insight.
- The Priest ( January, 2011 )

[332] Be like a Teranchula; it has poor vision, but it has excellent
- Anonymous ( January, 2011 )

[331] We are children of tomorrow, hanging on to Yesterday!  
The Future is here to Stay !!
- Europe (band) ( January, 2011 )

[330] Faith will overcome imperfect Love.
- The Sage ( January, 2011 )

[329] We Learn things through Subtle Focusing.
- Nazih Elhayek ( January, 2011 )

[328] Enjoy your life, don't endure it.  Imagine you are dead for a
day, no life, no blood, no thoughts, no emotions, cold body, under
ground.  Remember, your joy is your strength, don't let anyone
steal it !
- The Captain ( December, 2010 )

[327] Joy is calm delight.
- Anonymous ( December, 2010 )

[326] Faith activates God, fear activates the enemy.
- Joel Osteen ( December, 2010 )

[325] Even when you have huge big problems, God sometimes
uses a small opening, a small situation to solve and resolve your
big problems !  
- Bob Gass ( December, 2010 )

[324] Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without
them, humanity cannot survive.
- The Dali Lama ( November, 2010 )

[323] Do not go looking for love too much, for You Are Love.  
And as long as you know that, Love Will Chase You.  I AM
- The Master ( November, 2010 )

[322] Feelings give meaning to our Reality.
- Nazih Elhayek ( November, 2010 )

[321] There is no difference between love and prayer; they are
both one and the same !
- The Master ( October, 2010 )

[320] we are prophets of technology.  Everyone is using the
internet, cell phones, computers, video games ... etc.  So many
people are using their consciousness everyday and all the time.
The world is being engulfed with our Consciousness through the
use of Technology.  Therefore, our mental and emotional powers
are increasing.  We are all becoming Prophets of technology !
- Doi ( October, 2010 )

[319] " With all the hatred in this world, in this good world, let
us be kind to one another "
- Walter Breuning (oldest man, 114, born Sept. 21, 1896)
( September, 2010 )

[318] Happiness is about perceived progress, perceived control,
connectiveness (the number and depth of your relationships), and
being part of something bigger than yourself.  Its about passion,
profit, and purpose !
- Tony Hsieh ( September, 2010 )

[317] Turn Strangers into friends, and Friends into Customers !  
- Seth Godin ( September, 2010 )

[316] Happiness's best friend is kindness, and Passion's best
friend is generosity.  
- Anonymous ( September, 2010 )

[315] Work on Creating your own happiness.  Cut off all negative
influence in your life, whether it be bad news, bad
co-workers, bad friends, and even bad family members !  
Recreate your own world with Positive ideas, Fun ideas,
Loving ideas, and Creative ideas !  Try it and you will not be
disappointed !  
- Egyptian Priest ( September, 2010 )

[314] Karma is the combination of your actions and intentions.  
how your heart feels toward things and what you do everyday
in your life, affects your total karma.  it is a simply yet
mysterious Formula.  If you can figure it out, you can achieve
unlimited success, passion, and purpose in life !
- Skipper ( September, 2010 )

[313] What is the difference between magic, technology, and
religion?  There is no difference !  They are All The Same !
- Nazih Elhayek ( September, 2010 )

[312] You can use spirituality or physical science to achieve the
same goals: cure disease, reach success, and find love.
- Doi ( September, 2010 )

[311] Wisdom in Life is knowing which negative thoughts to
- The Master ( August, 2010 )

[310] Don't worry too much about your love life; for you don't
find love.  Rather, Love Finds You !
- Paco ( August, 2010 )

[309]  Get what you can, and what you get hold;  ' Tis the Stone
that will turn all your lead into Gold.
- The Philosopher's Stone ( August, 2010 )

[308]  What lies behind you and what lies in front of you is
nothing in comparison to what lies Within You !  (
Use your inner
power to change your destiny !)
- Emerson ( July, 2010 )

[307] If you go out looking for Friends, you won't find too many
of them.  But if you act like a Friend to others, then you will have
an abundance of them !
- Doi ( July, 2010 )

[306] Hope stands for 'Helping Other People Excel'  Think about
it and it will make a lot of sense to you.  Use 'HOPE' as a Tool to
help others and yourself !
- The Master ( July, 2010 )

[305] “Anybody who has been seriously engaged is scientific
work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of
the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye must have faith.'
It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with.”
- Max Planck ( Nobel Prize Physicist ) - July, 2010

[304]  Abundance ( Wealth, Health, Success ) is not something we
acquire. It is something we tune into.
- Wayne Dyer ( July 2010 )

[303] God is the Source of All Goodness and Light.  When we
Move towards the Source, then we become Good.  When we
Move away from the Source, we become bad!  Good and bad is
that simple; you either move towards or away From The Source !
- The Sage ( July, 2010 )

[302] People, animals, birds, plants and all living things do not
die.  They just go into their Rest.  Once you understand this, you
are not afraid of death anymore !
- Nazih Elhayek ( July, 2010 )

[301] In the Garden of the Mystics, there is no me or they; there
is no distinction between me and others.  We Are All One !
- Rumi ( July, 2010 )

[300] Our pets teach us about Love, Friendship, Patience, and
Goodness to Everyone !  Observe Your pet(s) daily, and see all
the Cool things they do, and all the Real-World Lessons they
Teach Us !
- Blue Angel Bird ( July, 2010 )

[299] “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can
only fly by embracing each other.”
- Luciano de Crescenzo ( July, 2010 )

[298] By getting a paycheck you make a living, by giving ... you
make a Life !
- anonymous ( July, 2010 )

[297] Position Yourself in such a way where you are actually
helping others, and your Life will always be Alright.
- Jacinto ( June, 2010)

[296] Don't be Sad !  Your Life Will Get Better From Now On !!
- The Sage ( June, 2010 )

[295] Where your go from here to your Future in Life all
depends on How you have been living for the past few years.  
Think about it and it will all make sense.  If you don't like how
you lived in the past, then start changing and doing the right
things right now.  By doing this, you will not repeat your past
mistakes and your Future will Look brighter and better !
- Nazih Elhayek ( June, 2010 )

[294] Many people don't believe in LUCK.  However, we can
take the letters of L.U.C.K. and translate them into 'Labor
Under Correct Knowledge', and so we begin to see that Lucky
people who succeed actually take opportunities, risks, and work
hard.  So ask yourself, do you believe in Luck ?
- The Master ( May, 2010 )

[293] Why doesn't the universe with all of its power, strength,
and vastness destroys our planet?  How come all the billions of
stars and black holes out there snuff our planet like a spec of
Dusk?  Because We Were Mean To Be Here !  So please do
something useful with your life and Love Planet Earth !
- Jat from Indonesia ( May, 2010 )  

[292] The Study of Alchemy might seem silly to some.  Turning
objects into Gold and finding immortality are things that people
don't believe in these days.  However, people don't realize that
the study of Alchemy has produced numerous important
discoveries in math, physics, chemistry and other fields !  
Therefore, we should encourage the cultivation of our
imagination, and the pursuit of our Dreams !  Go For it !!
- Nazih Elhayek ( May, 2010 )

[291] "Spend Less AND Enjoy Life More."  That's who I am,
what I believe, and why I believe it.
- Jeffrey Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate
( May, 2010 )

[290] People want to be like God ... powerful, majestic, and
wealthy.  But they forget that God is also Humble, forgiving,
down to earth, compassionate and sacrificial.  We are all Created
in the Image of God, but very few people understand what that
means !
- The Priest ( May, 2010 )

[289] Truth is not for the Faint of Heart.
Danny Hunt ( April, 2010 )

[288] Love is as Mysterious as God because God Is LOVE.
- Al Morales - Intensity Band ( April, 2010 )

[278] The Only True Love you'll Feel in Your Heart and Keep in
Your Being is the Love that you Give Away!  For when you give
your love, you feel its sacredness in your being instantly and it
lasts Forever !
( The Phantom, March 2010 )

[277] Sometimes, even good people fail to see and do the right
thing at certain times.  This can happen at work, in a marriage,
or even between friends and family members.  This doesn't mean
people should quite going to work, divorce, or abandon their
families and friends. It means that they should see all the good in
others, and continue working on their weaknesses and improve
oneself and each other with Love, patience, and good Living.
( The Sage - February, 2010 )

[276] 'When you do the right thing, even though everyone else
abandons you, you are not alone, because the Truth protects you
and is your Companion.'
( The Captain - February, 2010 )

[275] The Soul was meant to Freely Fly in the Grace, presence,
mercy, and Love of God.
( Fr. Robert Barron, January, 2010 )

[274] Sin locks you in the kingdom of your own ego; you chew on
your regrets and past sins, but you can't swallow them, and you
stay stuck in this ultimate Sadness, because you think you are
God, but You are not God !
( The Sage, January, 2010 )

[273] If you do something very wrong, then God still loves you,
but he will start working on you from that bottom level and it
will probably take more time before you get back to where you
used to be !  Its Divine Karma !!
( The Captain - December 2009 )

[272] God's Grace is not always soft and gentle; sometimes it is
like a strong hammer that breaks the hard shells of our ego,
greed, confusion and selfishness, and sets us Free towards the
Truth, and towards the Path of true living and Happiness !
( Fr. Robert Barron - December 2009 )

[271] God's anger is his Passion and Discipline to set Things
Right.  There is no Contradiction between his love and
discipline.  If You feel that God is punishing you, it is just his
passion trying to make your Life Right and better !
( Fr. Robert Barron - November 2009 )

[270] When you are closer to the Divine, the more you are aware
of your sins and weaknesses, but also the more you are drawn
towards God's Love and Forgiveness.
( The Priest - November 2009 )

[269] When you are confused, tired, and upset just do one thing:
Relax and be patient, and All the Answers Will COME TO YOU !
( The Sage - October 2009 )

[268] Love Can Turn your Enemies into your Friends !
( Anonymous, September 2009 )

[267] Your Blessings are Limited by the Quality of your
Imagination and attention.
( Deepak Chopra, August 2009 )

[266]  The thoughts, feelings and minds of Human beings are
controlled by Nature and by God.  No matter how hard we screw
up, nature will Not allow us to destroy this Planet.  The Universe
Will Put a Stop to us and preserve itself !
( The Wizard - July 2009 )

[265] Faith is using your imagination to understand The
Universe's plan and vision for your life, and believing that what
you imagine is actually Real and Will Come True !
- Nazih Elhayek ( June 2009 )

[264] Our pets - Birds, dogs, cats, ... etc. - bring us closer to
Nature.  Nature is that Mysterious Powerful Energy, and our
pets Connect Us DIRECTLY to Nature.  So, Take good care of
your pets !  - The Captain ( May 2009 )

[263] "A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal."
Proverbs 12:10 NIV (May 2009)

[262] "Above all, don't fear difficult moments; the best comes
from them."
- Rita Levi Montalcini - 100 year old Nobel Scientist (April 2009)

[261] Reckless words pierce like a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
- Proverbs 12:18, NIV (March, 2009)

[260] Consider those people who are suffering and dying today,
and you will begin not to complain about the problems you have.  
Their time is up, they have no more chances, but you still have
much time to live and to solve your problems.  Considering this
will make you Wiser.
- The Sage (March, 2009)

[259] Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the
heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars
for ever and ever.
- Daniel 12: 3, NIV (February, 2009)

[258] The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon,
The Song of the Birds for Mirth (gladness),
One is nearer (to) God's Heart in a Garden,
Than anywhere else on Earth!. ... So enjoy life,
no matter what your situation is.  Live Everyday in its Moment ...
Enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY !!!
- Anonymous (February, 2009)

[257] Literature is as old as speech. It grew out of human need
for it, and it has not changed except to become more needed.
- John Steinbeck (Jan. 2009)

[256] The free exploring mind of the individual human is the most
valuable thing in the world.
- John Steinbeck (Jan. 2009)

[255] A million words will not bring them back, even though
you've tried ... Neither would a million tears, even though them
you've cried.  May the Universe Heal Everyone who has lost a
Loved one. - The Priest (Dec. 2008)

[254] Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is
finished: If you're alive, it isn't.
Paul van Ryn (Nov. 2008)

[253]  Don't allow bad negative people to bother you and get
under your Skin, there are many great positive people out there.  
Just hang out with them and you will Feel Better!
- Nazih Elhayek (Nov. 2008)

[252] "Always remember you have within you the Strength, the
Patience and the Passion to Reach for the Stars and Change the
~Harriet Tubman (November 2008)            

[251] "Man is stumbling blindly through a spiritual darkness
while toying with the precarious secrets of life and death.
The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power
without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical
infants. We know more about war than we know about peace,
more about killing than we know about living. This is our
twentieth century's claim to distinction and to progress."
General Bradley (1948)

[250] If you think your religion is more superior to other
religions then you are not practicing true religion.  You are only
inflating your own ego!  True religion is Humble and it accepts
people from all the various faiths.
- Sam (Florida, 10-2008)

[249] Love Awakens our Soul and Keeps us Reaching for more.
- Anonymous

[248] Live Without Hesitation or Regret ...
- Tess from (Long Beach, California)

[247] No one is a final or complete authority on Truth and
Spirituality.  We all have our own way of reaching that Truth
and embracing it for ourselves.  Truth shares itself with all of us,
rich and poor, black and white, male and female ... Truth seeks
those who are humble and open to receive it !
- The Sage (Oct., 2008)

[246] Life always gives us its gentle, sweet, and enriching power.  
Life speaks to us through its sages, teachers and masters,
instructing us not to fear the future no matter how bad the
present looks.  Life has a way of Healing itself and fixing our
planet; whether it is war, bad economy, disease, or any negative
influence.  Life always has the power to delete the negativity and
produce new positive energy, healing, and success to all of
Humanity.  Trust in Life !
- The Captain (Oct., 2008)

[245] Fortune favors the bold and adventurous.
- Doi (October, 2008)

[244] Honesty should always come before desire.  Dream Big but
stay Humble.
- Nazih Elhayek (October, 2008)

[243] The body is considered the greatest machine, our brain
contains the greatest mystery, and our Spirit hold the greatest
- The Captain (September, 2008)

[242] A Great Uniting Energy exists in the universe that guides
our lives, keeps our families together, makes us work harder, and
provide social balance and great happiness.  Some people call
that uniting energy by a simple name ... God !
- The Priest (August, 2008)

[241] The more you give, the more Credits you deposit in your
heavenly account, and the more blessings the Universe showers
back at you!
- The Sage (July, 2008)

[240] Do you have the ability to discover ability in other people?
If you do, then you will make a good manager!
- The Philosopher (June, 2008)

[239] What makes you smart and strong is our Collective power
as Humans.
- Hal J. (May, 2008)

[238] Through the winds of Summer, an Aqua Angel Descends on
Planet Earth in a Suburb neighborhood, and brings Light, Love
and Happiness to a Couple.  This is the Mystery of Life!
- Thunder (April, 2008)

[237] When you pray for success (or anything else), God does not
give you success; he gives you THE OPPORTUNITY to succeed.  
If you don't take that opportunity, then God will not answer your
- The Priest (april, 2008)

[236] Everyone belongs to some group, whether it is a religion,
business organization, cult, recreational club ... etc.  Some even
invent their own one-person group!  The most important thing,
though, is how comfortable you are with your group.  Does it
enhance your life in positive ways, or does it enslave you and
bring you down?  If you can answer that question honestly, then
you will be able to make better choices for your life.
- The Captain (April, 2008)

[235] Without a giving Heart, wealth is an Ugly Beggar.
- Anonymous (March, 2008)

[234] If men don't feel the Spark of Love, they will remain Beasts.
- Hal J.

[233] A man ninety years old was asked to what he attributed his
longevity. "I reckon", he said, with a twinkle in his eye, "it's
because most nights I went to bed and slept when I should have
sat up and worried." - Dorothea Kent

[232] Ultimate Power Doesn't have Ego.
- The Sage

[231] Give ! For though you suffer and sacrifice, it will eventually
be very rewarding !!  You have an Unlimited Source Inside of
You, so give and don't be afraid.  You will be Replenished.  Your
face will always shine and radiate with Love and Grace.
- The Captain

[230] I'm going to stop trying to get ahead,
and concentrate on slowing down the
rate at which I'm falling behind.
- V.W.M. ( a very wise man)

[229] Seek truth and find comfort. Seek comfort and Find neither.
- C.S. Lewis

[228] Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.  
– Anonymous.

[227] Feelings contain millions of thoughts; therefore, use words
to dissect your feelings and thoughts, but also use words to
intersect your thoughts and feelings… take command of yourself.
- The Philosopher

[226] Religion sometimes creates exclusivism, we think everyone
has a little truth, while we have THE WHOLE ULTIMATE
TRUTH. This is wrong; we need to open our minds and share
within each other.
- The Captain

[225] Time does not exist.  It is only something to measure the
things we do not accomplish. – Anonymous.

[224] I stand for everything that is good, whole, peaceful, and
nice.  I stand in the light and I submit to that Light.
- The Sage

[223] Experience will truly show you, a Master Can only point
The Way. - Anonymous (January 2008)

[222] Don’t be stuck in a reality created by anxiety; be stuck in a  
beautiful reality with goodness, trees, sun, and happiness, talk to
your diseases, situations, and fears, and tell them to go away ...
Forever!  - V.W.M. (very wise man)

[221] If you can think with your feelings and feel with your
thoughts, then you have reached Enlightenment.
- The Sage (December 2007)

[220] Until One has Loved an animal (pet bird, dog, cat ... etc.), a
part of One's Soul remains Unawakened.
- Anatole France

[219] Educate your Heart and Mind, and Create a Path for
Yourself in Universal Responsibility. - The Dali Lama

[218] It is the Global Economy that feeds us and takes care of us.  
Therefore, we should begin thinking and acting as Global
Citizens. - Nazih Elhayek

[217] You are Rich even though you might not know it.  If you
give of your time, wisdom, resources, and self for others, then you
are truly Rich! - The Captain

[216] When you are young you don’t have any power.  Your
environment and people around you control you.  But as you get
older, you start making your own choices, where to be and what
to do, and you finally take control of your life.
- Doi

[215] Don’t ever think your religion or beliefs are more superior
than others.  This is called spiritual arrogance.  You can study
other beliefs and religions; but until you immerse yourself and
embrace their beliefs, you are only going to understand them
from the outside.  Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of spiritual
stupidity.  - The Philosopher (Dec. 2007)

[214] Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor
both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is
the soul of genius. - Wolfgang Amades Mozart

[213] Every time you think about money and success, think also
about your spiritual status, because in Life they both go hand in
hand.  You cannot control great money without having some
spirituality to balance it.  So always examine your Spirituality at
Different states in Your Life.
- The Phantom

[212] Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with
others.  R.L. STEVENSON

[211] Remember this … don’t be a loser, for someday you will
die.  A successful person is one who has lived well, laughed often
and loved much … therefore, go out there and enjoy your life, do
your best, and keep smiling.
- The Priest.

[210] All of us need each of us, and each of us needs all of us.
- Anonymous

[209] If you get great anxiety before taking a test or doing a big
project, just stop and think about it.  You are probably
subconsciously judging yourself and dooming yourself for
failure.  Therefore, stop judging yourself.  Judging yourself is not
good.  Release yourself of judging and your will feel better about
what you are doing and about life as a whole.
- Doi (From Africa)

[208] If you're mad at someone, don't leave them out in the blue;
talk to them and try to be their friend again.
- Cassie Hayek

[207] Why did Jesus teach us to love our enemies?  He taught us
this not to humiliate us, or to allow others to walk all over us or
take advantage of us.  He taught us to love our enemies in order
that they might become our Friends some day and no longer our
enemies.  This way, we can all live in friendship and Harmony.
- The Captain (October 2007)

[206] Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your
words; they become actions.  Watch your actions, they become
habits. Watch your habits; they become character.  Watch your
character; it becomes your legacy.
- Ancient Martial Arts Saying.

[205] You Have to Learn how to ride the wave of success … of
how to let money, gentle power, and the Presence carry you into
your Next Big Step of Wealth.
- Nazih Elhayek

[204] Life is full of various dimensions. We all exist side by side:
the atheist, the religious, the philosopher, and the scientist.  We
are all needed and we will always exist together.
- The Philosopher (Sept. 2007)

[203] Science can help extend our lives.  But by using spirituality
we live deeper and happier and Maybe even extend our lives.
- Doi

[202] You get to a point in life where You realize that everything
is one, everyone is your friend, and every place is your Home.
- The Master

[201] Not every Truth is easily learned.  Sometimes we can only
understand these secret truths through deep experiences that
touch our emotions, hearts and souls.
- Nazih Elhayek

[200] We all live comfortably in our little circle.  However, all of
our circles are connected together.  - Hal J.

[199] I don't need to be converted to this or that religion,   
because in my Heart I believe in all of them, and I feel that I
belong to all of them.   - The Priest

[198] We might be separated by continents, cultures, religions
and technologies. But deeper within, we are all connected
together and we are always communicating!
- The Phantom

[197] To some salvation is believing in a certain religion or    
belief(s).  However, what is important in life is being on that right
path,doing the right thing, and being in the right place.  
Therefore, follow that good voice in your heart and you will be
- The Captain

[196] The future might be happening right now ... somewhere in a
different universe!  - Doi

[195] A true author writes with lots of prayers and tears.  He
squeezes his heart and soul so that others might understand and
live by his words. - Nazih Elhayek

[194] Love your enemies and you  won't have any.
- Anonymous

[193] Keep the faith, increase the peace, lead from the heart, and
always be yourself.  Master Joey Bond

[192] Integrity is listening to your heart, and having the courage
to put that before all other things.  Ancient Oriental Saying

[191] "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Gandhi

[190] Life is a mixture of love and hate, war and peace; and we
will always be here.  - The Priest

[189] We need to respect all myths because they contain many
good stories to help us on our life's Journey.  - The Phantom

[188] Desire is what creates our happiness and gets us away from
insanity.  - The Captain

[187] We all compete for physical wealth and Blessings.  We like
to take away from others and add to ourselves.  This is our
Human Nature.  But someday we will realize that Giving is more
important to our survival and happiness.  Giving is the Ultimate
Key to Possess the Universe. - Nazih Elhayek

[186] When you look at that sick and hungry kid on TV, just
remember this: you are no different than that child, even though
you are an adult. - Doi

[185] Everything happens in the Background, but you can’t
really see the full picture of what is happening … but it still has a
purpose, and you get involved in these various situations not
knowing why things happen the way they do … but in the End,
you look back and you realize … it was Your Destiny All Along.
- Nazih Elhayek (September 2007)

[184] Live for today, hope for tomorrow.  – anonymous.

[183] Money is like manure, it should be spread around.  
- Brooke Astor – New York Philanthropist (died at age 105)

[182] If you're able to help some people and make them smile and
make them realize that life is good, then that's worth so much
more than buying a pair of shoes."  
- Maria Sharapova – Tennis Star.

[181] Life is like a coin sometimes.  On one side there is religion
and mysticism. On the other side there is science and logic.  But
in the end, we are all still looking at the same coin – trying to
reach our goals of success and enlightenment.
- Nazih Elhayek

[180] Many believe in God, but very few Live for Him.
– The phantom.

[179] Good timber does not grow with Ease.  The stronger the
wind, the stronger the Trees.  - Anonymous

[178] Planet Earth sacrifices itself to keep us alive and happy.  It
gives us food from plants and animals, water from its seas and
clouds, and land so we can live in a place called HOME.  What
have you done to take care of this beautiful planet that has given
you so much?  - Nazih Elhayek (September 2007)

[177] We all have a spiritual Gene.  - The Phantom

[176] Musicians take you to a sacred place.
- Nazih Elhayek

[175] I do not seek fame or wealth ... just enlightenment.
- The Master

[174] Many live within their limited sphere of religion and
society.  But we need to break out of that mold and be more
integrative.  - The Captain

[173] The unlimited process of the universe touches our limited
process.  And that is how vision is produced.  - Hal J.

[172] The universe has a consciousness that cares about
everything in our lives. The universe works like a Great
Consciousness Computer, and we are always participating in and
changing our Universe!  - Nazih Elhayek (September 2007)

[171] Family is family.  But whenever a family member starts
doing something wrong and does not change their ways, then
they are no longer considered family.  That is because they bring
the family down and will eventually cause its destruction.
- Doi

[170] Human nature is the same everywhere.  You can Travel to
foreign countries and find really good people who are kind and
generous.  But You will also people who are cruel, mean, and
evil.  Therefore, don’t judge any country and think that you are
better than them, because we are ALL the same.  – The Phantom.

[169] Money is not good or bad. It just makes You more of what
you are. - The Phantom  (August 2007)

[168] There are Many evil things in the world, many things you
can’t accept, and many things you can’t believe bad people do.  
But life is a huge cycle, bigger than all of us.  Just find your place
and do good, and your life will be bright. -  Hal J.

[167] One day of the Lords favor is worth a thousand days of
labor.  Amen.  - Anonymous

[166] Don’t think your country knows it all.  Other countries
have their own knowledge and their own ways of doing things.  -

[165] I love every minute of Life and every second of Life.  I want
to Live to be at Least 100 Yrs. Old! - The Captain

[164] Experience will modify your beliefs and sometimes even
Change your beliefs all together. - Nazih Elhayek

[163] A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his
heart.   --Jonathan Swift

[162] The time is always right to do the right thing.
--Martin Luther King Jr.

[161] In every house of marriage there's room for an interpreter.
Both: Focus on goals, not on being right. It's not a contest
--Stanley Kunitz

[160] There is nothing new in the world except the history you do
not know. --Harry Truman

[159] The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only
a page.  --St. Augustine (August 2007)

[158] If a business is worth a dollar and I can buy it for 40 cents,
something good may happen to me.  --Warren Buffett

[157] It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for
tomorrow and not to venture all his eggs in one basket.
--Miguel de Cervantes

[156] For age and want, save while you may; no morning sun
lasts a whole day.  - Benjamin Franklin

[155] He that is overcautious will accomplish little.
--Friedrich von Schiller

[154]  I am but a small drop of Water in the Great Ocean of
Truth.  - Nazih Elhayek, (July 2007)

[153] "Life, Love, and God are all synonymous."
- Chris Corral, California (June, 2007)

[152] Success, Riches, and Prosperity are All Yours for the
Taking and Enjoying.  You Just have to Know How to Obtain
Them.  - The Phantom

[151] Life is a Gift! Live it!! Life is a Challenge! Meet It!! Life is
an Adventure! Dare it!!"  - Betty, from Florida

[150]  TO ACHIEVE YOU MUST BELIEVE.  - Betty, from

[149] There are many things in life that catch your eyes, but only
a few will catch your heart … pursue them. -  Betty, from Florida

[148] There is daily Karma and Life Karma.  Daily karma is the
consequence of the good and bad you do everyday.  Your Life
Karma is an Energy Level that follows you everywhere you go ...
depending on how good or bad you have lived your life.
– The Priest.

[147] Pray as everything depends on God, and work as
everything depends on You. – The Priest

[146] You grow up not knowing what to do or become in Life.  
That is okay.  Just follow your Heart and do good, and
eventually, you will find yourself on the Right Path.  – The Priest.

[145] You might think that you hate God; but once you start to
read about him and love him, it will be like you never want to
stop loving him.  - CASSIE HAYEK, from California

[144] Think of God as your friend and your father, and not as
your enemey. - CASSIE HAYEK, from California

[143] The Forces and Situations of Life Always Keep Us Humble.
- Hal J.

[142] Our little blue planet is so tremendously insignificant to  
the rest of the universe,  despite of being our one and only home
we can not take care of it and yet we can not get along as the
"Reasoning creatures" that we are. - Alfonso M. (California)

[141] "Our pride and ego seem to be much bigger than the
universe itself." - Alfonso M. (California)

[140] You don’t take time to spend with God, You invest time
with God, and if you do that, then he will Multiply your time in
many folds. Require God as a Vital Necessity. - Hal J.

[139] Have you Tested and Experienced Your Faith?  Your
Success in Life, Your Health, Your Family and Your Overall
well-being depends on How Well You have Followed Your Faith,
provided that you are following the Right Faith for You.  Your
Faith is Your Home, and it is Only through the eyes of Faith You
can Live a good, happy and Meaningful Life.  - Doi

[138] God’s consciousness sees and feels all the pain and suffering
that has been inflicted on the creatures of this Planet from the
beginning of time.  All the plants, insects, animals, and humans
that have suffered – God has felt and known all about their Pain.  
God wants to tell us to work hard to make this planet, and
everything in it, a better place.  God himself is working hard on
saving and healing our planet, and he requires our help – me and
you.  Will you Listen to his voice?  Will you go and Save The
World? … of course you will! - The Phantom

[137] Good Always Defeats Evil. - Anonymous

[136] War has erupted in many countries of the world with
different religions.  Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism,
Judaism … etc. have all had their shares of War and Violence.  
Does this mean that these religions are bad?  Not really.  It just
means that people have misinterpreted their religion and have
used it for selfish gains.  All religions at their Core teach Peace,
Love and Harmony. - Hal J.

[135] Love your enemies and you won’t have any.
- The Captain

[134] Nature is always talking to us.  Through the rain, sun,
cloud, trees, forests, skies and mountains, we realize our destiny.  
We feel hints of things to come and we receive knowledge,
revelation and power from above and the beyond.
- Doi

[133] Be proud of your accomplishments but don’t be bound by
them.  Live by design not by default. - Anonymous

[132] Some people create their own visions and they think they
are strong and spiritual.  However, true spiritual people don’t
create visions; rather, they are lead by a higher vision that
carries them and guides them.  - Nazih Elhayek

[131] Planet earth is our Cosmic Jackpot. … All the conditions
seems to indicate that the Universe has been working hard to
provide us with food, water, air and the Exact right conditions
for existence.  The universe owes us an explanation of what life is
all about. - Nazih Elhayek

[130] Saints are people that are extremely in tune with God’s
Power.  They feed from the divine presence and emit
supernatural energy … to all mankind!  - Hal J.

[129] Love is very Mysterious and Unknown.  Not just that, Love
also separates people and makes them lie and deceive each other
sometimes.  Such is the power of Love over us humans.  However,
Faith can bridge Love and Humanity, and unit two people
together and make everything work out. - Doi

[128] Bad habits are very hard to break sometimes.  But only
when we overcome them, that we grow and become better and
stronger.  It is your choice! - The Captain

[127] Unhappiness comes to those who reject the bright, but
sometimes tough, path of happiness.  People sometimes wonder
how come they are so miserable and unhappy?   That it is
because they chose the easy way in life, and because they
ultimately did not want to walk the path of wisdom and Truth.  
- The Phantom

[126] 'Eat live food, such as raw organic fruits, vegetables, nuts
and seeds.  This will not only enhance your body and your
longevity, but will also enlighten your mind and give you more
wisdom.' Laura Fox, VA -

[125] When you meditate on life and look back, it sometimes
seems that the last 10, 20 or 30 years have passed by very quick
like a blink of an eye.  Why do you feel like that? It is because life
is trying to teach you that the spirit that renews us is very Grand
and powerful.  It is not that the last 10, 20 or 30 years have gone
by fast.  Trust me, those years have had their shares of ups and
downs.  But again, life is trying to teach you that the Spirit
renews us daily, and that you need to ride the wave to your next
destination.   - Hal J. , U.S.A. (03/2007)

[124] As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole
world in which we live.  – Pope John Paul II

[123] All citizens have a duty to play an active part, in a spirit of
solidarity, in the building of society, in consolidating peace
between communities and in managing the common good in an
honest way. – Pope John Paul II

[122] We all talk to other people in our head, whether it be
fighting, arguing, remembering good moments … etc.  But
something is actually happening here.  It is not just in your head.  
You are actually communicating subconsciously with other
people in the metaphysical way.  In a way, we are always all
- Doi, from Africa

[121] Competing too much will end up dividing us; we need to
share more and compete less. And this applies to all areas of our
lives.  - The Captain, from Russia

[120]  What would happen if the Internet went down all of
sudden? No online banking, no online games, no online vacation
planning, no more emails, no more surfing the net for valuable
information  … etc. What will life be like?  Can you survive?  
Think about it.
- The Phanotm

[119] If you have money and you don’t give it or use it, it is like
not having money at all!
Hal J., from U.S.A.

[118] In order to be successful and happy in life, you have to Give
more than Take.  If you take more than you give, you will always
be unhappy and insecure in life.  Therefore, give, give give!  - Doi,
from Africa

[117] Talk to yourself in the right and positive way.  Accept your
failures and limitations, but then move forward from there with
good and positive energy.  Common, you can do it!
- The Captain, from Russia

[116] You are valued, you are loved, and you are accepted.  You
need to have Peace within yourself, because if you can’t get along
with yourself, you will not get along well with other people.
- Anonymous

[115] What is Faith and Prayer all about?  They are about using
and exercising the powers of your mind and imagination.  It is
reaching into that Hidden and Mysterious world of untapped
potential, and bringing forth positive energies that contain all the
wealth and physical blessings of the world.  It is finding those
answers and solutions we need to make our lives complete and
Happy.  It is about recreating our daily Reality.
– Nazih G. Elhayek from Planet Earth!

[114] True and ultimate Love never wounds the other person.
- Hal J. , U.S.A. (02/2007)

[113] It is very sad when the one you love hurts you because they
don't do what you want in the way you want it.  However, a true
lover will always try hard to make it up to you – no matter what.  
In the end, that's what really matters; because it is not about you
or them – it’s about Love.  - Doi, from Africa

[112] Formal education will earn you a living, but self-education
will earn you a fortune.  Therefore, get all the education you can!
- Anonymous

[111] It is not the size of your wallet that makes you successful in
life, but the size of your Hope.  Therefore, always hope and
believe in the Best and it will happen to you!
- The Captain, from Russia

[110] What you grow in the valley, you will eat at the mountain
top.  - Anonymous

[109] We are living longer nowadays, but we are still not living
better.  Therefore, we need to start thinking about how we can
live better.  - The Phantom

[108] Many people don’t know the secret of selling successfully.  
If you make people feel loved and appreciated, then their wallets
will begin to open.  Now that is the secret of success!
- Hal J., U.S.A.

[107] Humanity has triumphed!  People complain about many
bad things.  However, they forget how much we progressed from
several hundreds years ago.  Now we have big cities, tall
buildings, beautiful homes and apartments.  We have excelled in
medicine, technology, industry, and entertainment.  On top of all
this, we have much more democracy and freedom all over the
world compared to previous times.  Yes -  Humanity has
- The Phantom

[106]  We Don't do enough to Help others.  We need to stop
thinking about ourselves and start thinking about more and more
about Helping Others.  Do this, and you will always feel Happy.
- Hal J., from U.S.A.  (02/2007)

[105] Love is like a Beautiful Gift at the end of the ladder, with
each step going up you encounter fighting, misunderstanding,
lying, deception, and heartache.  However, at the end of the
ladder, is you receive the Gift of a Lifetime.
- The Phantom

[104] People live to watch movies and daydream about being in
movies, instead making their own lives a beautiful movie!
- Doi, from Africa (02/2007)

[103] You will be surprised how much sleeping and resting can
do for you.  It can heal many ailments - both physically and
- The Captain, from Russia

[102] what we do in life lives on for eternity.
- Ragno, - Unknown

[101] Rolling Stones gather no moss.  Out of sight out of mind.  
There is no weapon against death except faith.  Gerias, from Peru

[100] Financial success doesn't happen instantly.  It is always a
work in progress.  So don't be despaired.  Keep at it!
- Hal J. , U.S.A.

[99] Look for a Good neighbor before you look for a good house.
– Gerias, Peru (01/2007)

[98] Money, religion and education is not enough for us to
succeed and be happy in life, we also need enlightenment.
- Doi, from Africa

[97] We don’t live by education, politics, money, religion, or
gold.  We live solely by God’s Grace.
- Anonymous

[96] Death can be like salt in the water.  You enjoy swimming in
it, but in the end, you sink in its darkness.  Therefore, don't do
those things that can risk your life.
- The Captain, from Russia

[95] I am a merchant of thoughts and feelings … a Traveler who
collect souls.   - The Phantom

[94] Marriage is a full time job where the pay is friendship, love,
and sex.  It seems to be a good job to have!
- Anonymous

[93] Love is about adventure and sacrifice.  You have to sacrifice
some of your time with your friends, your work, and your
hobbies.  But in the end, your adventure of love is worth every
second!  - Hal J., from U.S.A.

[92] Victory is for those who work and persevere, not for those
who daydream and live in wishful thinking.
- Doi, from Africa

[91] Do not regret the things you have done; rather, regret the
things you didn`t do. Dr. Danny (Shaggy), from Lima, Peru

[90] Give, Give and Give, because the gifts you give to others are
the gifts to you give yourself.  Ultimately, everything you do
comes back to you.
- The Captain, from Russia

[89] They will lead you to where you want to go, and you will
lead them to God. - Comedicmuse, California

[88] Hope allows us to dream, to make our lives better, and to
live another day.
Hal J., from U.S.A.

[87] Temptation looks very pleasant to our mind and body.  It
lures us with visions of happiness and peace.  But once we
consume it, we feel very ugly, bitter, and confused.  Many people
continue to fall for temptation, but not those who are wise and
- The Phantom

[86] Dreams don't have an Expiration date. - Anonymous

[85] Take risks not to escape Life, but to prevent life from
escaping. - Betty from Florida

[84] Ten Percent of TRUTH is Stronger than ninety percent of
deception and lies.  - Hal J. (U.S.A.)

- Betty from Florida

[82] Crying for our dead, whether it is a family member, friend,
or even a pet, is our way for remembering them and, just for a
brief time, resurrecting them in our Hearts and Minds.
-Doi (Africa 01/2007)

[81] When we all work together, we all win together.
- Betty from Florida

[80] I am like a falling star who has finally found her place
next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in
the Heavens forever.  - NeNe, from The Holy Land (01/2007)

[79] Faith and Hurry are Incompatible.  - Anonymous

[78] Most people possess true infinite love inside of them, but
their selfishness and greed prevents them from channeling and
using that love correctly.  Consequently, they become ugly and
dark on the inside.  – The Phantom (01/01/2007)

[77] Don't ever say you Can't.
- Marina from AZ (12/2006)

[76] Don't worry with every little act, because stress causes the
most Heart attacks.
- R.J. Griffith, from AZ

[75] Take me as I am or leave me alone.
- Safire

[74] Don't ask questions if you are not going to like the Answer.
- Phil from New York

[73] Music is the Highway your soul Travels thru Time.
- Linda from AZ

[72] Three Guiness' a day, keeps the doctor Away.
- Will Ghosn (Escondido, CA)

[71] Come O Mighty One and work your wonderful works.   
- Danny Z. , AZ

[70] I used to love money, but now I love how to use money
- Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[69] Don’t cover or ignore people’s mistakes just because they
are ‘family’.  Speak up against any injustice so that they can
learn and become better.  - Doi (Africa)

[68] Too much Bureaucracy will reduce your Soul to Nothing.
- The Phantom

[67] Common sense, Isn’t. - George G. California

[66] The more you forgive, the more beautiful life will be.
- Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[65] Life triumphs over tragedy, none-existence, and death.  Life
continues; that is why they call it Life! - Doi (Africa)

[64] Do what you will, Harm none.  - Bobbie, AZ

[63] No matter how hard you try, you can’t change someone who
has a bad heart and who makes bad decisions.
- The Phantom

[62] The Best things in Life Aren’t Things. – Brian E.

[61] Just as the Sun shines every morning, my Heart shines with
Love Towards Mankind.  - Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[60] To Live Happy what must not desire what is out of Reach.  
- R.J. Griffith

[59] I woke up one morning and realized that it was up to me to
either do Good or do Evil in the world.  I chose to do Good.
- Doi (Africa)

[58] Everything you speak travels on in the universe forever. You
can never take the words you type or the words you speak back...
they travel forever . - Mary Smith,  West Virginia

[57] Treat your body not just as a temple, but also as a Play
Ground.  Have fun with your life, but take care of your Body and
don’t abuse it. - Phil,  New York

[56] I used to think of how much life owes me, but now I think of
how much I need to contribute to Life. - Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[55] I chose which rules to Break. – Jolynn Buc

[54] You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to Survive, Stay Alive,
and Thrive.  - R.J. Griffith

[53] Healthy people wear a crown that only sick people can see.
– Anonymous.

[52] Framily is Friends and Family mixed into one.  – Bobbie, AZ

[51] My purpose in this life is to not only help others, but to work
with them in learning how to believe in themselves and their
abilities.  - Nanee, North Carolina, USA

[50] Everything you speak travels on in the Universe forever. You
can never take the words you type or the words you speak back...
they travel forever. - Shimereemoon@yahoo – west Virginia, USA

[49] True Love is like good music that you can't stop listening to.  
- Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[48] Many countries that have Material wealth still have
Spiritual poverty. - The Phantom

[47]  Love cannot pay the bills, but it makes paying the bill much
easier!  - Doi (Africa  11-2006)

[46] War can sometimes be necessary, but there are three main
reasons why it should be avoided.  It destroys our Environment,
it causes life-long mental and physical pains, and it costs too
much money to maintain.  Let us protect our Environment, live
with peace in our Hearts and Minds, and put our money to better
use.  - Hal J. (U.S.A.)

[45] Just because you don't have what you expect, doesn't mean
you shouldn't accept what you do have.
- Lina Hayek (California, U.S.A.)

[44] People who are extremely busy in life are just like lazy
people.  They never get anything done!  - The Phantom

[43] We walk many paths in life, and some get lost.  The stars
seem dim, you walk in the darkness. Visions become a blur,
memories follow, regret has wounded, and questions remain.  
You walk alone until you make the right turn in life, and in the
end you are no longer alone and you feel the warmth of the sun,
again. - Miss Skye (Pennsylvania, USA)

[42] The woods would be very silent if no bird sang there except
those that sing the best.  - Henry D. Thoreau

[41] When you feel life to be selfish, absurd, and boring, then
give, give, give, and life will become better for you and others
around you.  - Doi (Africa  11-2006)

[40] Don't feel sorry for those who ruin their lives from choosing
to live irresponsibly.  - The Phantom

[39] if you want to be given everything, give everything up.
- Jenny Romo (U.S.A.)

[38] Do your best and let God do the rest.  - Anonymous

[37] It is better to be alone than to have a bad companion.
- Alcelyn (The Philipines)

[36] I am so lucky to be in the world.  If you really think about it,
we can't do anything without God.
- Cassie Hayek (California, USA)

[35] In a clear blue house, with shades from a big green tree, I
watched my childhood pass before me.  And in a winters frost, I
chased you down and the cold was forgotten, even breathing fog
from your rosy face.  I traced a raindrop through a snowball and
it kissed your face.  As I thoughtlessly treat you as though we
belong together from a distant beach on sandy memories, any
moment from you is saved on a note of scent in the air as you
flutter out of site on the wind.  
(for JOHN)
- Jolynn Buc - Arizona (11/2006)

[34] "In an instant, God contacts us and brings Hope to us.  
Through his mercy, we receive Heavenly illumination of our
Consciousness so that we can be Cleansed."  
- Michael Mccrory - Ireland

[33] Never confuse activity with productivity.  - anonymous

[32] Compounding ignorance, naiveté and forgetfulness lead to
what drives every strange and wonderful human through a crazy
thing called "Life".
- Jolynn Buc  Phoenix, AZ  
(This means that people are driven by what they cannot examine or

[31] "Sow Peace" - Jou Jou Papailler - U.S.A. [11/2006]

[30] Don't get discouraged or depressed with the Billions of bits
of information out there trying to make sense out of Life.  Just
Act from your Heart first, and everything will become Simple
and Clear to You. - The Phantom

[29] Although your nightmares may light Hell’s fires,
and your demons may paint the whole world blue,
In your heart there’s a dream to be a man,
and this I promise, I’ll believe in you.
- David Kwon - U.S.A. (10-2006)

[28] Life is what You make it, not how You see it.
- Cristina Kuzelka from Nebraska, USA

[27] Faith is Truth.  - Robert st. Louis Missouri

[26] With Faith and Hard work, You can go anywhere in
Life.          - The Phantom (10/2006)

[25] You can have no future ,if you spend the present thinking
about the past. Without peace in the Soul, the Body ain't Whole!
- from Snizzle [Washington state, USA]

[24] In all things you do, put God First.  - Jenny from Philippines

[23] I salute the light in your eyes where the whole universe
dwells. For when you are at the centre within me, we shall be as
one. Allan [Australia]

[22] Use your masculine wiles. - Bob Cox

[21] The Candle shines brightest in the Darkest of Places.  Be like
that candle and reach out to the Unreachable. - The Phantom

[20] "The richest man is he with the least desires." - Julio from
South Africa

[19] Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.  
War Kills, but Love Creates. - from Snizzle [usa]

[18] "Nobody's perfect, and I'm a nobody!" - Lionel from
[17] Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything.
Between the two my life flows. - Nisargadatta from INDIA

[16] There is no better love than one that is nurtured on
honouring ourselves and partners with the truth of who we really
are.  Allan from Adelaide, Australia

[15] When walking the shores of life, remember that clarity, like
water, can not be held in a closed fist. - Tony Sturgess [Canada]

[14]'The Setting of the sun leads to a time where we are to shine.'
Benjamin Michael  - Thailand

[13] "Nothing is hard, it's just different". - E. Dominguez U.S.A.

[12] "Death is only for the people who are not strong enough to
live on their own" - Damien Alexander - Indiana, USA

[11] "It never ceases to amaze me that we, the men of our
generation, dwell so much on the 'cycle of violence' in public
discourse and completely disregard the 'cycle of lust' in private."
By Hugh Speed - California (USA) 10-2006
(This means that men these days are more concerned and dwell over the idea
that "violence solves nothing" (War in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea) and then have
every excuse in the book for avoiding the self-destructive issue of addiction to
pornography and lust in their own personal, private lives)

[10] Faith leads to determination, Faith leads to destination,
Faith leads to destiny, Faith is felt during your depressed
moments and situations, Faith follows with lucidity.  Remember
to hold on to FAITH and reach Your shore - Jatheemalli -

[9] Many people live on this earth, but not all of them are
Citizens of Planet Earth.  For many disregard this planet, while
others treat it with love, respect, and sacredness. - The Phantom

[8] When it comes down to it in life you have only two options:
Go above and beyond what you have been taught as a child or
become a product of it. - Tasha

"Randomness Eliminates Value, while Design Increases The
Value and Meaning of our Lives."
- Coier (Buddy) Amerson  U.S.A.  [10/2006]

[6] Education is often a substitute for Common Sense.
– Sushi Jones  (U.S.A.)

[5] We are all one, except when our interests separate us, which
is most of the time.  – ELO from Australia [10/2006]

[4] You are the expert of your own experience & have
information others need to hear.  - Laura Kelly - U.S.A.

[3] It's good to speak up for what's right, If your not sure what is
right, it's best to keep quiet.  - Gimepeace1 - U.S.A. [10/2006]

[2] Believe it or not, everything material we think about and
pursue in Life, such as money, social status, recognition,
education, and Work, pales in comparison with what we really
want.  We want to live a Creative Life and be Happy and
Peaceful on the Inside!  - The Phantom

[1] "Live life to the fullest, and Live each day likes it's Your last"
-  a Lady from Michigan - [10/2006]